Thursday 3rd Dec

The Loneliness Of The Non-Cisterns Plumber


Fucking hell, I’m going back to sleep.

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Knock knock
Who’s there?

Porridge… who?

Breakfast: oat milk chai and some m&s sourdough with blackcurrant jam

Barely any time to get worked done today and really really panicking about my deadline now. It’s Monday, I have about 4 hours today, most of tomorrow, not possible at the weekend, then hopefully some time Monday too as long as its not a stupid 9am deadline. But last time it took me a whole day to do my references and I’ve not even started to research stuff much less write. Oh man oh man oh man.

A clone would be great right now. One to clean the flat too.

(The Porridge was just calling)


Morning! I’ll eat on the rescue boat (after the school run). In line with a lot of people I have a fuck-tonne of stuff to do today and no idea how I’m going to do it! Solidarity everyone. Also it’s raining. And very cold. No.

Got a fright last night from a single clap of thunder snow! One big boom and then very heavy snow/hail that covered the street in about five minutes then it stopped. Haven’t looked outside yet but I’m assuming it’s five feet deep.

I think the temperature dropped soon after the rain so the snow is very scarce but it is frozen.

Hello I am wfhing from wfh today, which is convenient because the weather outside is frightful and bc I can prooflisten to some music drafts while I WFH from whfh

Snow update: conditions upgraded to purty


Morning all. Having crappy IT issues: my computer didn’t shut down and after seeing the Lenovo logo the screen is now blank. I can see it’s backlit and the fan is running…

Could really do without this.

Great googly moogly!


Slightly worrying news this morning that my boss has contracted COVID, but it does hopefully get me off the hook for dropping a bollock at work yesterday (which I’ll still need to fix, but there won’t be so much fallout)


Having coffee, either going to have porridge or toast for breakfast

Think it’s going to rain all day. In between working I want to clean my muddy bike so I can do some tinkering on it tomorrow, do some more music stuff (think I might have a completed “thing” by the end of the year, the news literally no one is waiting for) and maybe walk to the pet shop

No work tomorrow :balloon:

that was bounty happen


Fun fact: because of the surrounding hills, my workplace won’t see direct sunlight again until February :grimacing: