Thursday, 6pm, time for the evening thread.

Alright? Had a busy day. A combination of being very tired, Mrs F not feeling good and being late home after running some errands has lead to us ordering Chinese for tea. Gonna eat a lot then watch the Apprentice final, hbu?

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Having a lush walk home, nice sunset, the smoke of Kool Runnings food truck sending me back to bbqs in the 90s as it usually tends to do, wooing myself with some love songs :musical_note::relaxed:

Still 4 days to payday though, ffs. Cant wait for all my daily bank charges until then for being £6 over my overdrfat. Keep the poor poor and all that. Meanwhile some guy just awarded my pitch thia afternoon £10k, goes straight to my employer :unamused:

I bought a pizza from sainos. I have not told mr meo this yet so I’m hoping he wants oven pizza rather than me having to stand and cook puttanesca.

Bet he says puttanesca though.

Why would you give him the choice?

Because I am not mummy of the house :cry:


Alright? Kept myself busy doing some overdue cleaning and a bit of exercise today.

Think I’ll get a Chinese or a pizza or something tonight to round off a good day in the grand scheme of things because they don’t come along often, do they?

You should get a Chinese. I’m eating one right now and it’s glorious.

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Was going to say it’s a bit early for that but the light nights are confusing me.

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Good everning

Having a fish finger baguette with curly fries for dinner.

Gonna have a coupla Guinness and watch the apprentice, I reckon.


Got to ring when they open at 5.30 cause it’s the only one for miles and gets busy any other time!

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it’s still light outside!

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spending my night doing life admin and trying to make sense of how and when i can do stuff when five people are all available at the same time and don’t have covid or some other reason why they can’t make it :sweat: having burger, chips and beans for tea because i am apparently 5 years old. gonna have a bath and watch some northern exposure, as per. :deer:


Waitrose Middle East ready meals for dinner, which were suitably delicious.

My other half’s out seeing Nitin Sawnhey tonight so I’m on childcare duty. I might doing my pc upgrade tonight - I’m backing stuff up now, and I’ve already checked that my laptop is working just in case there’s a terrible disaster


Spaghetti and tomato sauce for dinner. Dull but quick.

Then it’s dog walk and collapse.

Taught music all day to every class. What fun :star_struck:


Made fried rice for dinner. Just peas, onion, egg and a bit of chilli sauce. Was absolutely delicious.
Not sure what else to do tonight really.
Might read a short story and then watch a horror. Maybe Censor? Not sure

Having a chilli dog, at a beer fest, feels like the weekend, gotta remember work tomorrow lol

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Bought some chocolate flavour cheeto skeletons


Unfortunately i can’t bring myself to open them because they’re too spooky


Are these made of the same thing as normal Cheetos? There’s a lot to unpack here.

Surely just the one bag?