Thursday! (A Thursday Thread)

Morning DiS

Enduring the horrible crunch of dry cornflakes because R didn’t want milk on them for some reason. It is a horrible noise that gets inside you like when you eat popping candy.

Going to spend as much time dawdling about after dropping R off this morning as I can to avoid having to be at home, then will hide in mu bedroom until R is back. Might try do some sowing repairs, probably won’t.


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Good Thursday to you.

Working from wfh because there’s a plumber coming round to check a leak and potentially replace the bath panels with ones that actually fit, instead of the current ones that the previous owner clearly got from a mate in the trade because they don’t fit i) the bath or b) each other.

Got a Aldi vegan pizza for dinner tonight and I’m already quietly excited for/about it.


Fuck Thursday


Morning just slept for last 15 hours (give or take a 30 minute awake period). Feel so fresh. Do this every year during the FA Cup 3rd round replays have a massive kip on the Tuesday or Wednesday. Well weird.


Save it for… oh

Plumber says they’ll be round “first thing”. They will arrive:

  • Before 8
  • Between 8 and 9
  • Between 9 and 10
  • After 10
  • they won’t show up

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Day of meetings (:sleeping:) then a busy-ish evening. Editing a podcast episode, submitting a writing piece to a competition, having a pal over, maybe playing some Death Stranding.

But for now - the customary staring at my phone in bed until it’s too late to be in work for 9.

Too early for uni but not enough time to get to town to pick up something I need from an amazon locker. Annoying.

Maybe this should be for the boring game thread

Got to take the cat to the vet then weep over my bank balance afterwards, that’s about it.


Working the late today, as I do every Thursday. May have some toast in a minute.

Plumber coming this morning.

Dog to vets this afternoon.

Trying to squeeze in actual work in between.

Don’t forget about the Hardship fund if you need it. Hope the cat is okay.


Morning -

WFH - I’m not driving to Manchester and back after all, daughters much better and has got the train. Hope she’s ok

I’m going to watch a but more of this netflix Aaron Hernandez doc before getting down to woooooorkzzzz


Very much appreciate both.

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Woke up at 8, this is non-optimal for doing the school run. Going to have to do it speed run style now!


Morning all.

Had the best nights sleep I’ve had in ages on Tuesday after we had a new bed delivered. I hadn’t realised just how crappy our old one was. So comfortable. However I got very little sleep last night as Mr Socks realised he could stand on the wooden headboard and use it as a launchpad to divebomb onto me at will. There will now be a strict feline curfew operating in the bedroom area.

In other news I’ve been freaking out all week over playing a set on Friday but I recorded a rehearsal last night and listened back to it in the car this morning and I’m feeling a lot better about it. I mean it sounded terrible - the sound quality was awful, it sounded like it was being played through the most knackered, blown out but still-technically-working speakers imaginable - but it still sounded kind of alright, which has weirdly given me confidence. If that’s what a bad gig would sound like I can live with that.

Hope you’re all well.


Been up since 4 with the silly baby who had the temerity to fall back asleep at 6, all of 35 mins before my alarm. Got a headache, naturally.


On the train and then bus to work again.

While it takes longer than driving it’s so much more relaxing, and I get more DiS time.

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