Thursday aka hottest day of the year


Hey DiS,

How’s your Thursday looking?

I’m off tomorrow so it’s my Friday.

Hot innit?!


I’m wearing…

motherfucking shorts to work



Might go fruit picking with the kids this morning. Hard to find thing to do.


5 hours of calls which are massively cutting into my time for heads-down work. Heading down to LDN this evening. CBA.


I signed up to volunteer for a thing this afternoon and I’m regretting it a bit now as I’ve got tons of work on.

Wearing my only pair of light summery trousers. If I’d known it was gonna be hot for so long I’d have bought some more two months ago but now it feels a bit too late? Like if I buy more summer clothes now it’s gonna start pissing it down isn’t it.


No local cricket on the hottest day of the year. Piss off, mate!


Said I’d cover someone at work on my day off. MORE LIKE COVER MYSELF IN SWEAT.



This is a great idea. I’ve been siting here trying to work out what to do (I took mine swimming in the local outdoor pool yesterday - it was ludicrously busy). Fruit picking is a good shout.


I am very much on countdown to a child free trip to Copenhagen on Monday. Really need a break - I can’t wait.


Great way to get into the Brexit spirit!


Ready for all that jam exporting



Off today, gonna get the baby weighed then no idea what’s happening.


Work summer party. Just got to do two things.

  1. Not get trapped talking to the most boring person at work. This happened to me last time and it was awful.

  2. Don’t get hammered and bust out my signature breakdance move The Caterpillar. ( this has happened before at a work event)



Things you absolutely MUST do:

  1. Do the Caterpillar
  2. Get someone to film you doing the Caterpillar
  3. Post the video of you doing the Caterpillar here


just ate two slices of bread with two potato scones in between

if that doesnt set me up for the day I really dont know what can


Got up sharp and went for a run so feeling quite good.

I’ve got a day full of meetings and the kind of important ones where I need to pay attention! :weary:

Reckon I’ll go for some beers in the sun after work.


[quote=“rich-t, post:12, topic:27687, full:true”]
gonna get the baby weighed[/quote]

[rich hands baby to doctor] There you go, there’s baby-t.

[doctor lifts baby in air] WHEYYYYYY, IT’S A BABY!





Really can’t be cba today. Cake this afternoon though. Hoping that the day goes fast and that I can work from wfh tomorrow.

Not much to report apart from the heat.