Thursday AM 180


Woke at 6 on a day off, just sat in a chair with my feet up watching and listening to this.

Gonna have a shower, go for a walk, get some brekkie, watch the first session of the Ashes, watch some live cricket and meet a couple of cricket playing mates for drinks.

And now, it goes that its your turn.


Good morning,

Looks like you are having a nice time from what you have posted from your holiday :slight_smile:

I went to bed too late, so of course I am now up too early. Later meeting my dad and taking R to the West End because he wants to see where grandad works, which is quite sweet really but I wish that meant going somewhere different :grimacing:. Possibly pizza for lunch though, and I might be able to sneak a visit to Gosh Comics to get a couple of books I’m after. Going to be tiring tho.

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Also, obligatory:

Been listening to this a lot recently as it one of R’s favourites after I put it on his playlist of robot songs (any melodic synth bits sound like robots to him :blush:)



Half day today then driving up to Edinburgh. Praying the baby sleeps like a hero in the car…

@profk is gonna be grumpy again :smiley:

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There was that time 20 minutes into a 3 hour journey she spewed like hell.

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Stumbled across these three terrible Superman II, III and IV covers today. I like how Christopher Reeve’s expression matches our feelings about the film



For why?

Because of that time I posted myself doing the little hook line on that keyboard book F has and then he grumbled that it was then stuck in his head for ages.

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Suggestions of robot-sounding or robot-themed songs welcomed, nothing sad sounding though as that never grabs R.


Morning peeps!

I’ve got a training today which means I have to be in work 10-8pm and also means I will spend most of my day actually doing stuff instead of pissing about on DiS :triumph:

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Amazing! First thing I did was check for Kraftwerk and I see you have that covered :+1:

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Had horrendous night sweats, so feeling fairly wobbly and not very well rested.

Otherwise, nothing to report.

Are you ready? It’s time.

He doesn’t really like that one though :frowning:

Any brighter sounding Kraftwerk?

I mean it doesn’t mention robots but the original Axel F by Faltermeyer is pretty robotic in style I guess?

Obviously the original film is a bit old for him but he might enjoy this bit of the quickly cancelled Clerks cartoon Kevin Smith got made

(I just realised you’re way younger than me and may actually have zero idea that I am referencing Beverley Hills Cop)

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I did indeed have no idea, but I will investigate this :+1:

There was a period in the 80s when Eddie Murphy was absolutely a box office king but also was known for swearing like mad and for his two big action films - Beverley Hills Cop and 48 hours - getting brutally cut by ITV and the BBC. Anyway, at some point in the 90s he pivoted to being a guy who did movies for kids.

BHC is stupid fun and the sequel is even stupider but thanks to him and Judge Reinhold they overcome the bad.


Neon Lights is more bubbly from the same album?

Probably not his style but…