Thursday at a glance


How’s your day looking? At work aint I, what a plonker lol. Going out for beers tonight though so all is not lost.

Wuu2 huns?

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Weekly arduous journey to Spanish school which is really only a few miles away but requires multiple forms of transport, one leg of which the bus only comes every half hour but not to schedule so invariably end up waiting 29 minutes no matter what time we arrive.

Then roger from rentokill is coming over to block up some holes in my flat external walls. Rentokill. Why the hell are they sending rentokill to do it. Ffs. Will be a right botch job. Just send a builder.

Wanted to make sure I’d get into work early enough for a parking space today so sprang out of bed the second my alarm went off, then was so dizzy I fell over. Crawled through to the bathroom and laid my head against the lovely cooling porcelain of the toilet until I was absolutely sure I wasn’t going to spew.

Sick day it is, then.

I’m so sorry you won’t be able to get your parking space x


Early into work cos I’m off up to Edinburgh at 4:30. Dark, wet AND windy on my walk in, complete trifecta of misery there.

Going to a pub quiz tonight.

Absolute shower of clowns. Mind you I did leave them an anonymous review on Trust Pilot complaining about how shit they’d been and they figured out who I was and had a customer service rep phone me up about it, so maybe they’re just in the wrong extermination game and should pivot to assassinations.


fanks hun xoxo

Morning. Still having intense dreams also loads of helicopters (3) were buzzing round on the approach to Barton Aerodrome early this morning so I’m knackered. Absolutely naff all on today might go to Philpotts for lunch.

Morning all.

I was almost in work super early but I spent 20 minutes sat in my car refusing to get out and walk to the office instead. Just cannot CBA pals.

Hope you’re all well.

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Took myself off some meds and have got some proper dizzy thing going on. Kind of nice but also not. #drunk4free

Morn EV & co.

Got another cold, haven’t I :sneezing_face:

Trying to undo my recent hermit ways and going out to drop R off and then going to sit in starbucks* with a subpar chai and see if I can get my switch to connect to their wifi (continuing issues getting it online at home).

Going to spend the rest of the day** in bed with my book and/or working on a small research project***.

*got a voucher for Christmas
**the couple of hours until R no doubt comes home early
***putting together some spoiler free pokémon info for @escutcheon

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When I was a kid that was what I assumed they did


Managed to get to sleep around 4am. Love it. On the late today. We’ve announced our Q3 performance, cue lots of customers with vested interests pretending to be financial analysts

Sounds like the set up to an excellent comedy starring someone out of bridesmaids or Jason Bateman


Bieber’s got Lyme Disease

Why do only celebrities get Lyme disease?

They love going for walks in damp forests

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Hey everyone - just managed to make porridge with cinnamon in, which is a massive step up from yesterday when I made porridge with cumin in


Can I cumin your porridge, mate?


You just absolutely ruined my day