Thursday at a glance

did you at least get some BEVARA and daim bars?

Bought a rug which looked nice and a £2 mobile phone stand. Found the walking around following the arrows on the floor annoying.

never go to a tiger it’s somehow worse

Was dreading a work email due to my weakened state today and had been putting it off for hours. Turns out it was a very minor issue and was sorted in minutes. Not sure if I won or lost in this situation

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They were @ericthefourth’s

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If the toro never comes. Or something.

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Ah right, great! I forgot that searching for AMA would fail to bring up much useful! :smiley:

Just saw this:

Top levels of ‘just get a PC mate’

Kinda wanna see if anyone wants to hang out with me tonight because I’m feeling a bit down and fancy some company but I don’t want to ask because if no one wants to/is free then I will feel even worse. :pensive:


Fucking January blues.

This is exactly why i never see my friends

  • Continue to eat all the leboochken on your own, as they’re bound to go mouldy otherwise
  • Leave the remaining two leboochken for @gnometorious then throw them out once they’ve gone mouldy.

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You know how much I love Leboochkin but those little fellas are stale.

this happens to me so much, like I’ll put a thing off cause I think it’ll be some great unknown hassle but then it’s piss-easy and I free up an hour to feel relieved

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so what you’re saying is, they’re my leboochken?

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I value my friends who feel confident to get in touch about doing stuff so much, cause otherwise I’d never speak to anyone probably

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We mostly book things in advance cos everyone leads busy lives but I like a spontaneous hang too. Used to ‘pub?’ or ‘come over tonight for wine?’ all the time :cry:
Can’t wait for Spring evening walks.

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It’s weird that there are 2 things called chocolate eclairs and they are completely different ( 1 cake, 1 toffee)


The vast majority of my friends live a way away so spontaneous hangs are impossible. Makes me regret having been a reclusive weirdo in my teenage years, cause I like the idea of being able to initiate a spontaneous hang sesh

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come to the pub!! there’ll be a dog!!!

in walthamstow

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