Thursday banal

Hi guys.

Just authorised my solicitor to go ahead and exchange contracts for the flat.


I am fucking tired and afraid I might fall asleep when I go out for dinner later.

Just had a nice cake :sleeping:


had a meeting this morn coz my current boss was livid about the things i’m editing and i basically have to start again. now been told that all three have to be delivered tomorrow morning latest. sweet.

made some coffee and used soy milk but it curdled. #pray4eric

I’d like to go home now, please.

Congrats on the exchanging!

I would like cake.

Me too.

Danke! We complete next Friday and then have 2 weeks to leave our rented place. I can’t wait until it’s all over tbh.

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Didn’t even know soy milk could curdle.

I went out to lunch earlier with someone I’m friends with in work, it ended up that I had to rush my lunch which was rubbish (very rubbish)

In coffee it does it a lot.

grim as


I’ve been told I can leave early today if I’d like to. What kinda time should I be doing one here? I’m thinking 4:30pm.

Also, many congrats @plasticniki!

Run then manchester by the sea tonight.
Run then half day WFH tomorrow, then maybe another shorter run, then going to a wedding in the lake district tomorrow eve.
Rest of the weekend in Blackpool at the TV’s folks (additional running is likely) then got my long run when I get back on Sunday

Congratulations! :thumbsup:

House stuff is so stressful eh? I feel like now I’ve found a place to live in Stockholm a massive weight has just been taken off my shoulders.

It’s a big deal round my way getting it to not curdle, I think pouring it onto the spoon first helps but that’s almost certainly superstition.


Blaze it?

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Just finished work and about to head through to Edinburgh to see girl band, woohoo!
Train beers! Woohoo
Staying the night through here as well cos I can’t be fucked rushing for the last train

Gonna chuck on Milk Eyed Mender and pretend I don’t have to do anything

Three step method with 100% success rate:

  1. Use almond milk instead of soy
  2. There is no 2.
  3. There’s no 3 either.

Almond milk’s better anyway but it’s a bit of a treat for me.

Just use almond milk.

Or have your coffee black, which is what I do.

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think it’s more to do with temperature innit? REALLY hot coffee will likely curdle it but if you’ve let it cool or not brewed it too hot it’s ok

had been doing this but almond milk is so thin, will probably revert back to it though aye. fucking sucks wasting half a pot of coffee