Thursday banal

Almond milk also goes really well with Huel, for your fyi.

pff, i told you that ya numpty

Probably now.

Hope you and your family and all as okay as can be Jezzers.

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Yeah me too especially out and about but if the coffee’s cheap I’ll soy that mutha up

I don’t see how that’s relevant.

Can’t wait to go out and get drunk tonight.

Soy first, coffee second is the method in my house. Also Wor Lass also insists on having really milky coffee which helps to prevent splitting.

guys I hate to be the person to tell you that you’re all massive babies for having milk in your coffee


Thanks matey, we’re all a bit of a mess in all honesty. Pretty pissed off that I’d managed to duck going to church on Sunday with my ma-in-law for 11 years only to find out in her will she wants a full Requiem Mass at the funeral.

Ma-in-law 1 - Jeremys_Iron 0

Just started my day with a 7am client call. :pray:
My dad’s appeal against unfair dismissal sounds like it went badly - quelle fucking surprise…


Black coffee makes me feel like Agent Cooper

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that’s literally what i did!!!1



It’s like she knew!

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Congrats pn!

Booked a table in my favourite pub for tonight as they’re doing food for Burns’ Night all week (owner is Scottish). They called me back later and it turned out that they’re out of haggis so that plan went out the window. Have to wait another year to have haggis now (too lazy to make it myself).

Keep hitting roadblocks with this event I’m organising and it’s stressing me out so I’m trying to keep calm but keeping calm involves not doing stressful things so I’ve been putting off marking exams for the past three days #prayforcarmen #tellcarmentosuckitup

Catholic funerals are really weird in my experience. Quite gothic.

do you fuck


Bit of a personal question imo.

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Fucking kneeling and sitting and standing, choose one you pricks!