Thursday Banal


Somehow managed to show my m9 around town and have lunch despite hanging out my arse. He was disappointed that the cathedral was not open, but we did hit some of my all time favourite squares and drunk some nice orange juice.


bloody hell, quite late for banal!!!

gonna hopefully leave about 5:30 and walk halfway home. gonna need a second shower, f this weather tbh


Cut back a load of foliage and bushes in my garden. Need some bigger lopers to sort out the bigger stuff, and have to make a few tip runs to dispose of all the crap. Had a beer with lunch and watched 2 bike races. Good day



As I said… park, beer, sun, ae, off to grafene for tea :slight_smile:


have spent all day organising flights :grimacing:

how people do that for a living i have no idea


haven’t eaten my misery banana yet



Just ate some cornflakes in the sun.



feel like my throat infection is coming back

for absolute fucks sake



when u goin back hun?


can see people running on the street. f that mates


Is grafene good? Last couple of times I’ve considered it as an option I’ve done Hispi and Mr Coopers instead.


Moussaka for tea, result!


AGAIN? isn’t this the third time now?


tv bought the mildred’s cookbook and is gonna make something from it tonight :muscle:


Gonna make some tofu bbq ‘ribs’


Not a thing


ooooh what’s the deal with these then