Thursday Banal

Just to tide us over until the evening thread, naturally.

What’s happening? What’s snackening? I just raided the nephew’s snack box and had a carton of apple juice and a packet of quavers.

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Also, what happened to @TheBarbieMovie2023 and her filth thread?

still quite full up from lunch tbh (v unlike me)

here until 5.30pm today. cba.

Just found out that Melissa McCarthy and Jenny McCarthy are related


Nice night for a cycle home though?

I’m having fajitas tonight and I can’t wait.

Also need to do my band’s entire year’s finances once tv’s asleep. Great. Quite likely not happening.

Fajitas are great. Are you having all the trimmings? (Sour cream, cheese, guacamole)?

Alright DiS. It’s my 30th birthday innit.


Woah! Happy Birthday M9!!! :tada::confetti_ball::gift::balloon::wine_glass:

Hope you climb a bloody big boulder to celebrate.

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should be nicer than the ride in (was raining)

Happy birthday pal!

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I’m going out for breakfast in a bit. fancy massive pancakes or something like that.

Oooft, just checked the weather for London and it’s rubbish! Just always assume that if it’s nice in Glasgow it must be even nicer down south.

Hospitals smell funny don’t they. But maternity wards are very relaxing places

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Hey laelfs :wave:

So, I was pretty late to realise the amazingness that is Aldi, it’s not my closest supermarket but I made the effort to get the bus there the other day and OMG. It’s SO good. I mean, I’ve always known this but… fuck, for some reason it’s really hit me hard.

So, snacks… I have Stackers (Pringles) which I keep on having to get my bf to put in high up places so I don’t just eat the whole tube, a bar of caramel chocolate, bars of dark chocolate, orange mousse and orange fondant and rum and raisin and nut chocolate.


Please post photographic evidence when you do.

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Here’s the last photo of me in my 20s - Lake Powell is behind me (in Arizona today)

Also there are 2 amazing doggos in our BnB.


I like hospitals, does that make me weird?

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