Thursday, bloody Thursday

Good day to one and all.

Ruddy hay-fever continues to irritate with reckless abandon this morning.

Otherwise looking forward to a pleasant train journey through the Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire countryside this morning to work.

Busy day ahead, limited desire to crack on with it. Then the usual fun and games torturing the kids this afternoon to find out what they’ve got me for Dad’s day.

What do you guys have lined up?

Day offfffff!!! :raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2: My only day in about three weeks where I genuinely have zero plans. Still in bed, TV has gone for a pee. Might just do ABSOLUTELY FUCK ALL today :laughing::laughing::laughing: Hi he_2, hi DiS! Is it too early for a pint?


Crack on, my son. Crack on.



FINALLY started the new twin peaks last night! Today I will be thinking about that, and watching more of it much, much later.

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Hello. Today is day one of my Scottish road trip. Stage one: Cambridge to… somewhere in the Lake District, idk, I’ll put it in the satnav and look up where it actually is later.


Today i will be mainly driving down to chichester for a wedding tomorrow. Not mine, before someone is ‘funny’.

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Really really want to do nothing today

Got work.


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Actually, on this note, I did see someone walking into Milton Keynes Central station at about 7:22am opening a bottle of Kopperburg, and armed with a bag fit to bursting with many others.

They’re in for a very long day…

It’s mortgage approval day. Fingers crossed. If it doesn’t go through I might have to go on a banker targeting rampage - sneezing on their croissants, stealing pens from their branches and teasing their atms. Anarchy.



Good luck!


Where abouts in Chichester?

I’m off today. Might head out on the bike.

Put the summer duvet on last night. slept amazingly​ well

Alright! Sun’s out, guns out :muscle:

Bricking it, a bit. But I’m sure it’ll be fine.


Had too much rum last night. Woke up with a mouth like a sandpit.

Probably going to sit around drinking tea and eating biscuits all day - pretty much the same as the last week. Definitely, absolutely going to do something tomorrow though (probably won’t)

Usually Im a coffee and straight up water guy at work.
considering getting a bottle of juice/cordial/dilute… (poll will close at 9am)

  • Get some juice
  • stick with water
  • don’t care

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Morning team.

Finally worked out how to get onto my building’s communal terrace so I might take my laptop down later and do some work there.

Going for Chinese in Sheffield later.

We had ours finalised a couple of days ago and we were fairly unsure we’d get it through because of my wife’s fraudulent past (somebody stole her identity for many, many years). It’ll fine mate, finger’s crossed for you!

On a seperate note, please all give your future children middle names.

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It’s going to be warm again today isnt it? Ffs.

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Morning champs. Meeting some pals for a few jars in Victoria Embankment Gardens after work so hoping today moves at a pace. Anybody know any good deals on a 4 pack of decent lagers at the moment?