Thursday chat thread for pals

How’s it going? Ordered shopping to arrive at 7am—feeling bad for the delivery driver and my housemates.
Watched The Circle last night—irritatingly compelling even though Emma Watson was rubbish.

Currently proofreading my mum’s report on Tesco’s financials and pay rates—stunning inequity between the CEO/CFO and lower paid staff members. I know that hardly counts as news, but to see hard figures put to these things is always a bummer.

Good morning

Stupid brain won’t let me sleep in after 6am-ish :confused:
Still, slept ok :slight_smile:

Thought the circle film was like a bad episode of black mirror, preferred the book, although it’s a very literal interpretation. Was surprised when tom hanks turned up

WFH today. That’s all I’ve got :sweat_smile:

In relation to your CEO/prole paygap… is it John Lewis whose boss can take no more than x75 what the lowest earner gets… and that’s considered a good example!?

I know that game, friend.
Yeah, that’s what I mean by ‘irritatingly compelling’—it’s utterly banal social critique and the transitions from her having serious doubts/going transparent/screwing them over were jarring and badly delivered but I still found myself kind of absorbed in it. I think most of that blame lies with the people who did such a tremendous job of making everything look so shiny and inviting.

Yeah, that’s right, and 75:1 actually would be quite nice, relatively speaking. Of course you’d also have to make sure they couldn’t just receive the rest in bonuses, additions, etc.

Here’s a sample of some of the other highest earner’s salary:lowest earner’s salary ratios in the sector/related fields:

Presumably Carnival’s lowest earners are folk playing the coin pusher machine so that multiplier is misleading!



Morning everyone, what is up with it being Thursday already? I’m making coffee without grinding the coffee first as an experiment. It’s probably going to be horrible, but at least it will be caffeinated. Only 25 minutes of gentle boiling to go!

Morning everyone.

I’m on my way to Oban :slight_smile:

Have brought a solitary train beer, which I will open at 11 am on the dot, I’ve arbitrarily decided is respectable.

Fell asleep at 7pm last night when I should have been packing stuff up to move flat at the weekend. So gonna be hectic when I get back to Partick.


Morning all. Sun is shining, we are getting the new Kugaaaaaar and going for a picnic.

Kid over the road has a new motorbike and runs it for about ten to fifteen minutes before riding off at some time in the morning. Bit off innit?

Heard very average things about the Circle film but will see it anyway cos I really liked the book. Suspect it’s gonna be another Cloud Atlas type disappointment though.

I’m playing 5 a side with people I’ve not met before tonight, bit concerned I’ll be shit and never invited back…

You know when someone is late for work because they didn’t set their alarm and you think ‘What kind of moron would do that…?’

Well, I woke up and rolled over, saw it was 7am.
‘Oh good another hour in bed yet’
Lay there for a bit and thought ‘Hang on, I leave the house at 8. Oh well, my alarm will go off in a few minutes’ (normally set it for about 10 past 7).
Checked time again and it was 7.20. Forgot to set my alarm, didn’t I?

I’m still at work ahead of time, mind you. Probably a good thing my internal alarm clock was still set…


Drinking coffee, about to eat second breakfast. Waiting for my laptop to be delivered which could be any time before 6pm and i cant go out til then. Gonna turn up about 5:45, isnt it?

If it turns up at all.

Very little planned today, other than making some flatbread and roasted veg at lunch. Exciting.

Happy to be corrected if I am wrong, but I think with the John Lewis example everyone top to bottom gets an annual bonus as a uniform percentage of salary, so the boss’ earnings cannot get more inflated (I have various family members who work/have worked for the partnership, including my dad who just got his 35 year service badge :astonished:)

It’s FedEx, i trust in them.

Have fucked my hand up pretty badly, it’s gonna put me out of work so I’m in denial

Is it the arrow in the logo?

I forgot to pick up ny good camera bah.

You going to go to the seafood hut?

cant you call the driver and ask for an ETA?

Seems a bit rude