Thursday Christmas is over thread

Morning. Going back to surrey shortly. Not slept :rofl::joy::crazy_face:


Need to get out of bed and to to work. Actually have quite a lot of work to do today and tomorrow as well, so I can’t just sit there taking advantage of most people being off.

Reckon I can go back to sleep for ten minutes or so. That’s definitely not a bad idea and I will surely not oversleep and be late

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Work, obviously.

Back to work too, although the office will be dead so will escape early.

Back to work, although there are two of us in our department today.

Apart from doing the system daily checks, I don’t think I’ll be doing much else.

I’d better get out of bed I suppose.

My partner is going to work.

I am not.

Just gonna sit in my pyjamas and play video games :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:


I’m setting off for Newcastle in an hour. I want to be in bed.


Quite glad to be back working tbh.

Slept terribly again :cry:

Heading back to London later thank fuck tbh

What was his name

Another vote for Davidoff Cool Back To Work. But I’ve got next week off, so that’s… not bad, I think.

Going to the doctor’s for an iron test. :muscle:

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Mike’s bro maybe


I pick up my dog today :grimacing::dog::cold_sweat::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sob:


Work. On the late shift and home alone (not the film) this evening.

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Photos please, and lots of them.


At the in-laws (brother, not parents). Playing Settlers of Catan. Had a big walk in the hills today that was :ok_hand: and went to the cricket :cricket_bat_and_ball: yesterday so it has been a decent few days.

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Thursday is my usual day off so no work until tomorrow. Agreed last night that we’re going to have the laziest day possible after two days of hosting and cooking and visiting. Typically, I’m wide awake and have been for an hour.

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No plans other than going to a panto this evening. Probably just going to watch films all day.