Thursday Coyness Thread

Hello all

As a counterpoint to the filth thread: have you been coy recently?

My story:

My work laptop password needs changing every month. I use a couple of words* and then an ascending number. It was on 68 previously, but I couldn’t bring myself to change it to 69 in case IT needed my password for any reason and thought I was some kind of deviant.

Have you been coy recently?

* the words were amplejugs, obvs


I banned “sex chat” from my Higher class the other day because people were getting too excited talking about euphemism and puberty.


There’s scaffolding up on our building at the minute. Ordinarily I get changed in the spare room which doesn’t have any blinds up or anything so my arse, cock and balls (amongst other things) are exposed to the world. This morning, there was a man on the scaffolding outside the window so I coyly turned round so only my arse would be visible should he look at the wrong moment.



I can’t even say the word titmouse without giggling.

Not saying

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I guess people are a little coy to admit

I know it’s not Thursday any more, but:

I posted a pic of my hoodie, lounge pants and slippers on the evening thread. However, I was worried it’d look like a crotch shot so I pulled my hoodie down over the groinal area.