Thursday daily thread

Good morning :wave:

How are you? Any plans for today?

I am still in Paris, having a lovely time but very tired. Going to one of the oldest restaurants in Paris tonight so that should be nice.

Have a lovely day!


Good morning, good morning. Up too early to get a train to Reading. Had to run for the train. 30 minutes later still haven’t got my breath back. Sweated all my make up off. Good prep for doing mock TV interviews later today.

Paris sounds lovely - is it all cold and autumnal?


Oh no, that’s annoying. I hope you can relax for a bit on the train.

Yes, Paris is cold and autumnal. I went for a boat ride on the Seine last night and sat upstairs/outside and was lovely but cold!

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Morning lovelies!

Back back to schooooool today.

Me and my workmate have already decided to duet this to celebrate my return

Obviously #katyperryweek will continue apace.


Morning all :wave:

I’ve been awake since about 5am - not sure why, just couldn’t sleep. Have made solid inroads into my email inbox though, with lots of emails scheduled for around the 8am mark so I don’t look like I’ve been working through the night.

Not an awful lot else to report. Damp, isn’t it?

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Up since 6ish, even thought about starting this thread, but way too scared. Funny week, realising I just don’t have enough work at the moment. Need to find something else in addition, so sitting down with coffee and laptop and having one of those ‘what on earth do I do’ kinda of moments. Surely a brilliant idea will arrive today, it is Thursday after all. Have a nice day!

First day in the office since March 12 2020. Feels very weird.

Going to see Pillow Queens later :raised_hands:



What the hell happened to the Social board yesterday.

cool GIF

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Seem to have reset my sleep schedule to wake up at 630 every day. Already been up, showered, made breakfast and watched a new ep of curb. Dont even need to leave for work for 30 mins yet :thinking: guess i’ll make more coffee.


Going out for breakfast, because I’m working loads over the weekend and it’ll be nice to spend some time with my wife on her day off. 12-8 today, bloody shifts

Lots of content

#crispsweek #katyperryweek


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Today is my Friday, going to be finishing late though cause of a tour. Might have some beers after work, you never know.

Good morning. Glad you’re having a lovely time in Paris! I bet it’s lovely at this this time of year.

I had some fucked up dreams CW: #dreamchat and violence:


Weirdest being two young lads made a half-arsed attempt to mug me for my phone while I was walking home but then wouldn’t leave me alone and followed me to my flat. It was all kinda jovial until I had enough and picked up a rock to indimidate them to leave, but ended up stoving one of their heads in and they collapsed. Police and ambulance came and loads of my friends turned up and it all kicked off and was horrible. I remember bargaining with the friend to not mention the mugging attempt if they didn’t press charges. So horrible and odd. Weird dreamGO AWAY

Other than that I have shit loads to finish today before finishing for the week and getting ready to leave RFI for the first time since pre-pando. Can’t wait. Have also agreed to host a different Dutch band while I’m in NL so need to leave my flat in a more reasonable state for them than I would for myself 🥲

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Mildly hungover after a spontaneous pub trip last night - realised a local pub I’ve been ignoring for ages is now a fully fledged beer wanker pub and I’ve been missing out

Gonna 🧘‍♂️. Work, hopefully bike at lunch, eldest is coming for her dinner tonight and my son is around too so that’s good

Good morning! Planning to do some deep life admin today which is frightening for me as a very anxious procrastinating person but I’ll do my best. In other news I love Google photo notifications!!

My dear darling fish

My beautiful son


Mornin all.

Gonna do my porridge and then going for a bike down to Worcester, might even carry on to Malvern.

Getting the train back cos lazy.

Apparently it’s gnomeweek too @Gnometorious

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Which pub is that Tim?

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