Thursday daily thread

Which pub’s that?


The Independent - I’m sure it was more food orientated and didn’t have such a big choice of beers last time I went (well pre pando)

Good crisp selection too - had monster munch and nik naks

Logged in already for an 8.30 meeting, but I think the stress of the last fortnight is finally in the past, which is a big relief. I’ve got a feeling I haven’t been especially good company while all this has been going on.

No big plans for the day, but I think I’m going to make sure I get out at lunchtime so I see some proper daylight

Greetings from the Lake District

I’ll be here all day.


They’ve always been pretty good. Obviously when it was the Walmer Castle it wasn’t, but Matt who runs it is very into his beer.

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Good morning!

Was tired and a bit bored last night so went to bed at half 9 and still managed to sleep through to my alarm. Today I’ve got a meeting with a potential new client so I’ll be nervous about that until it’s over, then off to Bristol this evening to spend the weekend with friends and hopefully catch some fireworks.

Last day of freedom before I start a new job. No fun plans except food shopping.

Really really cba. How’s it only Thursday. Cba.

they should make something with the playfulness and stringability of the cheestring but the flavour of an actually nice cheese

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Isolating. Not that there was much we had planned anyway.

Pretty much symptomless now but tired.

Will do a bit of work today but the big challenge will be trying to do enough with the dog to replace his walks, whilst also resting his leg.

The guys I refused to work for recently have asked me again :upside_down_face: at least its come direct from them this time and they’re not hiding behind others. I do wonder if they really know who I am so sometimes, I do a tour more or less about how bad they are.

proper lovely morning so far

did a run, coffee, work. off to the cinema to watch the sand film later. :100:

There is no


Need to make arrangements for my birthday party at some point later. Basically want to work out if we can get a karaoke machine in the pub’s function room and get the vegan place downstairs to lay some food on. Might also have my lunch there because it all sounds great


marge GIF


ANY dis folk in the southwest Sheffield region on the 4th of December can come to my party, of course

Morning! Had a nice call with my friend in China for an hour before work. Haven’t spoken to him in ages. Now at work and it’s less nice, but at least I only have one meeting today!

Hope everyone has a nice day.

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I had a similar “oh shit, hang on a minute” reaction to The Independent about a year ago. Really like it now.

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I will be in Leeds at my sisters, might pop over with the kids if that’s ok :+1:

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