Thursday Daily

Here it is, folks! Thursday thread, fill it with Thursday thoughts and hopes and fears

Testing out my #drippy look for the summer. My partner is ‘unimpressed’


That the italy wedding suit?

Look fly


Add another one to that column

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Stayed up til half 12 playing mini metro

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Then woke up and continued playing mini metro


Almost (one more turn up of the shorts needed)

What are peoples thoughts on this

Going on a stag do and in the Whatsapp group, the organiser has sent a message asking people for £100 for accommodation, but if they find any cheaper they’ll use the money towards activities.

They haven’t said what the accommodation or anything is though, am I right to be a bit like errr I don’t want to pay until I know where it is?


Obvious scam. There is no wedding.


But I’ve bought a new hat!!


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Good morning, have got a very bad cold and am feeling sorry for myself. Made myself a black tea with lots of lemon and a little honey and it is really nice

All my jars are coming to an end concurrently. No jam. Emergency peanut butter reserves only. Won’t anyone think of the toast?

Shift at the food bank today which I’m meant to do every Thursday but this is my first day off without work expecting (much) of me… this year. Feel a bit anxious about how flaky I must seem.

Just saw a cute little wren :relaxed:

I’m hearing many call it ‘the look of the summer’

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Youngest is off sick as been vomiting through the night. Flashbacks to lockdowns with homeworking and childcare! He’s on the PS4 at the moment but soon i have to tell him that daddy normally has jeremy vine on in the background whilst working so please find a book to read! (he’ll win of course and so its work punctuated with “do this bit for me daddy” all day for me!)

have a good one punx

Not sure what thread to put this in & I didn’t want to start a new one so I’m asking you guys

I saw this

Is this just an ill advised press shot or do the Royal Mail actually have a fleet of drones all decked out to look like ruddy bloody Great British WWII bombers?

Went for an early walk and took a photo for you all.


All it needs is a gold medallion to complete the perfect summer look


Thick Chain > Medallion imho


I’d be hesitant as well. They don’t need your money until they have something to book. The ‘done thing’ is to find a place, send a link to make sure everyone is happy and then pay the deposit, surely?