Thursday Day Thread (that's right I can't sleep!)

So it appears the side effect of only having two beers instead of…ahem multiple glasses of wine is I go to bed really early and then wake up…also really early. Went to bed at 10pm all good ‘alexa, play classic fm’.

Woke up at 1.30am. Not a hope in hell of returning to sleep. Have now embraced it and got dressed and am currently descaling my kettle as I would like a nice cup of coffee. Feels like those mornings when you need to wake up to go to the airport. Although fat bloody chance of that happening.

Meeting my friend at 10am for breakfast/coffee. Got Quite A Lot of work to do.

Then tonight it’s MTB sending with the lads. (not really, half of them go off and do crazy trails while I’ll be in the gravel posse).

HBU huns. It’s Thursday! Tap somebody’s bottom! (if you have their explicit consent)


Good morning tilty. Solid early thread work. Still at work here, 45 minutes to go. It’s Thursday night as far as I am concerned, but also still yesterday. Not looking forward to tomorrow, which is later today. Gaaaaah

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Insomnia crew, checking in.

Plans are up in the air as we got a text from the school yesterday to say our youngest needs to self-isolate for two weeks due to a teacher testing positive for covid. Both me and my wife are (fortunately) working from home so juggling that with caring for a four year old will be fun…

(Actually kinda looking forward to spending a bit of time with her.)

At workkkkk. Been an interesting night. Got a handover meeting at 8, then hopefully out by 9.30. Might go get a maccas breakfast on the way back. Sausage and egg bagel I reckon.

:metal: :metal: :metal: :metal:

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Sorry about your shitty sleep patterns.

I have D&D in 2.5 hours via Discord and Foundry

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Mtb=mountain bike
Gravel=slightly off road but through bridleways etc


Fell over yesterday and now feel the bruises, and I’m a side sleeper and as one side is bruised I had to stay on the other side which makes me feel creaky now. More weird vivid dreams, this time a mission to get into a castle in Luton of all places, guided by the back part of a diary, the ones that have the tube maps and time zones etc. I also had a knife tucked in there but didn’t use it and met many good dogs. Also people on the streets were selling face masks one for £3 and 2 for £8 and in the dream I fell for the scam :expressionless:

Good morning lovely tilty and others :slight_smile:
Had to get up early for something and bloody hell, it’s pitch black out there. What is this godforsaken hour?! This isn’t morning. This isn’t morning at all.


Always find the sudden darkness of October mornings quite startling but daylight savings will take care of that (and make it weirdly dark in the evenings instead which honestly isnt better :pensive:)


Was a bit ill last night, don’t know if I’ve recovered or not. On the late. Penultimate day before a month off. Bricking it lads


Wondering whether to go the whole hog and have alpen, toast, coffee and orange juice for brekko.


Oh right.

TBH I was envisaging some kind of @xylo approved board game (Magic: The Bastard) involving you using an app to send details and where you were on ‘Team Gravel’


Morning lovely people.

Wearing a stripey top and a pinafore dress. Got a fun day ahead and hoping to get home at a reasonable time.


Morning everyone. A 5 minute walk to the bus stop and already soaked still got another 5 minute walk when I get off I wonder how many puddles I step in on the way to the office.

Home and bed at last with a cat purring on my tummy. The following paragraph is gloomy, sorry.


Today is the third anniversary of my wife’s death so it’s going to be a sad one. Thought I’d put our wedding rings back on for the day, but I’ve lost so much weight mine doesn’t fit any more. This too makes me sad.


The worst part about waking up is you do it, and you have a shower and a coffee and all that, and you think “cool, that’s that done!” and then you realise it’s only the beginning.


Sending you so much love- can’t imagine how you must feel. Hope you manage to be kind to yourself and do whatever it is that helps you today, you’re a wonderful person E_M xxx


Morning Tilty &etc

You know what’s quite unnerving?

Coming into the office at 8am and being the 2nd person to get here but being alone in the office

I mean, the alarm was deactivated & some of the lights were on and I can hear the distant opening and closing of a locker on the far side of the offices but I have no idea who the other person here is - it’s not the usual early-in suspects (cleaner & receptionist)

maybe it’s a ghost

it’s pretty freaky


:grimacing: Farewell, BITT, it was nice knowing you.


if something happens to me you can have my hard drive with all the thousands of hours of unfinished electronica on it