Thursday Day Thread

Morning squad.

On the bus, then train, and then train, to work. Today is my Friday.

What about you?

Morning sheeldz!

Tiny human alarm has been going off since 3am and the snooze button hasn’t been working. Can’t remember whst I was meant to be doing today but it probably won’t be happening now.

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Wfh so I can go to the doctor and say “yes hello I’ve had a sore throat on one side only for two weeks and now my gums hurt???” so that’s something to look forward to.

That’s all I’ve for today.


I think my coughs a bit better

Bed still overall nicer than not bed though thank you very much

I have something like this. It is pericondinitis. Wisdom tooth skin inflammation. It FUCKING SUCKS.

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Morning FL!

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Podcast :eyes::eyes::eyes:

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Keep em peeled listeners

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Had the most disturbing sex dream about a diser.

Got to entertain the child all day but also clean the flat, clean the mice, clean the fish, dye my hair, food shop, and some other tedious tasks. And I’m nearly out of chai, tragic.

Off work.

Gonna go to this

Then either play badminton or cook a risotto not both

  • badminton
  • risotto

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Do both. At the same time.


Today I’ll mostly be pretending to work and announcing the best albums this century.


On which note, if anyone who I’ve not spoken to would like to write a couple of sentences about one of their favourites this morning, let me know.

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Really tough choice because exercising is rubbish but nobody has ever actually enjoyed eating a risotto.


You’re being really, really, realllllly STUPID here.

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It’s important to have a strong personal brand.

There’s two problems with this.

  1. Is it though?
  2. Even if it was, talking about the importance of a strong personal brand doesn’t fit your personal brand.

I’m breaking the fourth wall with that post. It’s disruptive.

Wfh this morning, doing a careers talk to first and then final year students this afternoon (lol).

Then meeting my partner on a train to London (might do the whole “excuse me, is this seat taken?” thing because I’M VERY FUNNY) cos we’re going to see Rob Delaney tomorrow night In Hackney.