Thursday day thread

Am I first? This is very tense!

Hope you’re all looking forward to a good day, DiS!

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congratulations on your daily thread!

I woke up at 5, tried to get back to sleep but even Disintegration Loops and boring podcasts didn’t work :frowning:

Gonna go for a walk once the school run folks are out of the way


Morning all, work is ridiculous at the minute.

It’s leeds light night tonight which is a load of light based arts installations outside all over the city so i’m gonna walk round that tonight

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Morning everyone. Been up since 5am working and coffeeing and now just showering before taking the kids to the climbing wall for some larks (almost wrote @japes but they aren’t invited).

Then I need to try and fit in more work and my six month review and finish off a big 20000 word report before the end of the week. Spoiler alert it isn’t going to happen.

Found out that my employer is brining in an electric car salary sacrifice scheme next month so going to sell both petrol fuckers and save some money. And the planet.

Morning all!

Got m’s bean bag arriving today. Stupid idea to try and save it for Xmas…where do I hide it in a flat?!

Going to swap my summer duvet to my autumn one today, big day, not sure if I’m ready for it as its still pretty warm out.


Morning all!

My main tasks today are getting a haircut and buying some bread. I’ll probably drink some coffee and play some games too.

Did this on tuesday it’s the right call…Northerly winds coming from tomorrow too.

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How about hiding the beanbag in a duvet cover? Scrunch it up under a bed and make it look boring. Worst case scenario is that she finds it and has a chuckle at your hiding skills.

You could hide the beans individually around the house and fold up the cover really small


happy belated birthday to @Fintans_Cat hope you had a lovely birthday ma man. :grinning: :+1:


Or do this (different beans for different needs)

I dont have any underbeds. M’s is a floor bed, mine is on a little platform like a Japanese style bed. The wardrobe is my only hiding place and it’ll never fit.

I do have 2 storage cupboards but they’re in the communal area and are damp and full of spiders! Worry it’ll get mouldy if it’s in there for nearly 3 months.

Half year review today. But more importantly, it’s my son’s first birthday. So spending a bit of time with him before going to the misery factory


Hmm. I wonder if one of the MME could store it for you? *shines MME signal into the northern smog*

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Was gonna offer you my garage but there is a risk its


Happy birthday mini dude!!!
You need a homer maggie i do it for him board at work


by risk I mean theres some fucking HUGE bastards in there :grimacing:

I’m going to get inventive. It might go on top of my wardrobe but I need to disguise it somehow. Might paint the box the same colour as my walls :laughing:


Morning :wave:

Lots of work on but I finished a big project yesterday so don’t feel as stressed as I did.

Just booked tickets to go back to France next week (to finish packing my stuff and then I’m in Paris for a work thing) so I’m very happy I get to see my cats :heart_eyes_cat:

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I did thanks! We drank some beer and watched Jaws, what’s not to like👍

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