Thursday-Day Thread

Couldn’t see a daily thread yet so here we go.

Morning DiS,

How are we? Breakfast plans? Im having a coffee and got some pain au raisins in the oven. Plans for the day? Etc etc. Chat away!

Im off to baby sensory and then Morrisons. Tandoori chicken with nann for tea tonight. Lovely.


Hiya internet users :wave:

I am lying in bed scratching Cosmo while he purrs and kneeds the duvet. This is nice :blush:

Off to the cinemas in Kendal for a screening of Akira and live podcast show tonight. I pray my car doesn’t explode


In terms of older films, I think Akira is the one I’ve seen most in an actual cinema. It’s such a blast.


Sleepy. Had a lovely evening, but yeah, sleepy. On the late today, so will try and get out for a walk before I start.


Work, gym, dragons den and the apprentice are my only plans, will probably eat too.

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Morning all!

Just seen Gaz Coombes on BBC Breakfast and he’s made me feel like I’m about 75.

Morning all :wave:

All okay on a grey morning in West Norfolk. Just getting a few admin bits ready, then I’m off to Scunthorpe for a meeting this afternoon (with an overnight stay in Grimsby as I’m meeting them tomorrow morning). These Enyclopediae Britannia won’t sell themselves, you know.

Anyway, time for the :sun_with_face: DAYLIGHT UPDATE! :sun_with_face:

:sunny: :crescent_moon: Daylight :heavy_plus_sign:
King’s Lynn 07:50 16:31 08:41:25 +3:12
London 07:47 16:38 08:50:54 +3:02
Glasgow 08:22 16:37 08:14:48 +3:42
Manchester 08:03 16:39 08:35:40 +3:19
The Beer Factory, Devon 07:58 16:57 08:59:30 +2:53
Newcastle 08:07 16:30 08:22:51 +3:33
Cardiff 07:59 16:51 08:51:06 +3:02
Belfast 08:23 16:49 08:26:15 +3:29

In normal circumstances, Big Ben would be ringing for London for smashing the three minute mark. But their thunder is well and truly stolen by :wales: CARDIFF :wales: who have surpassed the three minute mark and the 8am barrier on the same day! Holy shit!

Have a good day, everyone.


Hiyaaaa, on my way to lahndahn. Gonna be here until Sunday :pensive: Going to a mystery gig tonight though which should be fun.


Morning all. Am listening to Dawnwalker on the bus on the way to work. Hope EricVII is good, not seen him on here for a time.

Got so stressed by the nightmare that is my current house move (was supposed to move today, but still haven’t exchanged) that I’ve booked us a last minute weekend away in Keswick to distract ourselves slash celebrate the youngest’s 10th bday. Can’t wait!

the “us” in the paragraph above is me, the TV and the kids. Rather than it referring to all you lovely people. That said, I’m sure a full social board weekend in the Lakes would be a lot of fun.


This tbh. I’m so tired.

Pay Tax Bill
Get Haircut
Drive to Wales

What a thoroughly miserable day ahead :sweat_smile:

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Not going to post everything I wrote, but just know - I’ve saved you from extreme boredom.

Onto mild boredom: I’ve got a coldsore :sob: CBT again this morning then I might start looking at what to do in my Feb week off. Probably Glastonbury/Wells/Bristol :woman_elf:

Just asked my mother what she was doing outside with A earlier on. Turns out they went to talk to the birds on the roof. Fine by me, absolutely what a child and grandparent should be up to.

Working away while my parents mind A. Listening to the Fontaines and they’re still shit.

This post paid for by PROF$.


starting to enjoy thinking that rather than a baby, you have full time parenting responsibilities for the band A.

Its the little things that get you through.


Nice start to the day


Blast from the past right there. Guaranteed if I listened to their one big song I’d cringe my face inside out.

This post paid for by PROF$.

Morning. Dragged myself out of bed 1 minute before the first meeting of the day, had been cancelled. A day of having to write up a few things I’ve put off for to long awaits.

Might treat myself to a takeaway later as a reward for getting through the work day.


oh god yeah! I was almost tempted when i made the post…but nah!

Morning folks. I’m having a coffee. WFH today, and went to the Canary Wharf lights show last night which was quite super really, if a little busy. Bike later.