Thursday-Day Thread

Hope she enjoys it!

Not much happening here, trying to get some work done but keep getting distracted by my raspberry pi streaming device which is almost, but not quite, able to play YouTube playlists.

Really hampering my attempts to get through more of Neil Young’s discography for the old WTBS voting


Morning music fans

still feeling rough today, but not as bad as last night. But is that just because I’ve had some drugs this morning? I’ve just taken a covid test, which looks negative, but doesn’t the current strain not show on tests for a few days?


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had a toasted Costa vegan meatball wrap (with extra fillings and sauces) for breakfast - worked real well tbf

lazy day working and recovering from sleep issues, no aims but finishing some to-dos, reading, buying some stuff i’ve put off for a while, and tidying up

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good morning

goong to the cafe later, what will i get?

  • the usual
  • something different
  • nothing

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Wonderful scenes as @Kallgeese’s daughter repeatedly tells him she doesn’t want his job in Starbucks.


Throw a dart at the menu

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you’re welcome


Meant to post this at the beginning of the year. Will update every month. From my favourite Christmas present :heart_eyes:


Nice pre work walk


Running out of multiplugs(we should have 5), Im working from home so one is for laptop, router and bigger monitor, my son has another and I need one for TD-3, Hydrasynth, NTS1, and speakers, If only I wasn’t DAW adverse. Multiplugs seem to be like socks in that they always seem to go missing.

Might have a bath.

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Had a hot X bun for pre-breakfast at like 3.30, then my overnight oats for actual breakfast.

Been at work this morning. Got back. Walked dog.

Just about to have a coupla samosas for lunch.

Think I’m going to join @tilty on bathbook this afternoon.

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Nice baby sensory session. Popped mozzos but didn’t really buy anything especially interesting enough to report. Trainer socks were probably the highlight, and Unicorn muffin cases to make some egg muffins for me/mini.

As is on brand realised i had a free costa on the app so went there but, not for a coffee. Got a white hot choc instead. What a day!

Home now watching Fraiser and drinking aforementioned choc.

Once mini has woke from nap and had a bottle will be putting chicken in to marinate for tea.

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Popped out at lunchtime to buy some cat food, and treated myself to one of sainsbury’s posh apple turnovers. Barely any apple, but loads of cream.

Might even upgrade my bath experience with a hot chocolate


Been having quite a horrible few days really. Had an assessment for my apprenticeship today that I felt really unprepared for and I’ve got the last one on Monday which involves doing a 20 minute presentation and I don’t want tooooooo

i never drink in the bath, which given my general stance is weird

Just had a bit of an annoying meeting where I’m worried I came off too negative (solutions were proposed for problems I don’t have and that won’t work)

anyway the guy who hosted the meeting is fairly new and on my team, Winnie interrupted the call at one point and he asked about her. Was thinking of sending him a picture of her
‘this is the face of the menace that interrupted our meeting’ cos I want to be friendly/build relationships but idk if that’s friendly or weird

  • TLDR
  • Weird. Stop sending everyone pics of your cat
  • Friendly and normal :slight_smile:

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I’d say no as they might actually hate cats but were being polite.

I’d always welcome photos of pets but absolutely do not want to see any colleagues kids and maybe they’d feel like this about cats. Idk.

Just a picture innit and I’m overthinking

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