Thursday-Day Thread

Feeling weird today and had no appetite so have just eaten biscuits for lunch :cookie:

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I wondered if I was just being biased in voting because I like cats, but then I thought even if it was something I don’t care about like a car, I think one photo from a teammate would seem friendly. If they kept sending me car photos or if it was someone I had barely any work connection with then it would be weird. I think sometimes it’s best just to go with your gut on these things, it’s ok to have a personality at work and that personality can be “friendly person who likes making people feel included and also loves cats”


Did you put them in the fridge first?

No! Is this a thing? surely biscuits would go soggy in the fridge


You’re going to need a lot of hot chocolate powder.


I’d like to never hear another thing about chatgpt or AI generally.

Can anyone action this?

I just had three (3) cream crackers with lurpak

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When I was at uni, I fancied a bath the one day. Set it running, went to get a towel, etc, came back and my housemate had thrown a load of teabags in

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One of the voicenote clubbers was advocating for fridge biscuits - I also would think they’d go soggy. @otto was it you? I’ve already forgotten who said it


Very grim.

Do fancy a read in the bath now, not even tried the bath at this place yet.

Biscuits do not go soggy in the fridge. My family have done this all my life. You get an extra SNAP off them even.

This post paid for by PROF$.

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here for fridge biscuits

I just counted up the change in my ‘change mug’. £45 smackeroonies!!!


very late in the game second coffee of the day, risky

hour more work to power through, then onto planning my batch cocktail making for tomorrow’s bday party (not mine)

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It’s me - I’m the fridge biscuit fiend! I really don’t understand where the soggy-fear comes from. I find a fridge biscuit dry, crunchy, and satisfying. Not to mention the chilled chocolate. Hmm delicious.

I think it’s just that fridges tend to be a bit damp. Maybe it’s because if you put other crunchy things in there they tend to lose their crunch. The chilled chocolate is probably good though, as well as stopping the chocolatey side of the biscuit from absorbing moisture.

What’s a fun and groovy Instagram handle? I don’t wanna go firstnamesurnameyearofbirth because it seems a bit too millennial and I’d like to keep seeming younger than I am.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Thursday. I’ve been so busy I haven’t been checking the daily threads.

Currently I’m having a sit down after donating blood. Resisting the urge to race home and see Albert, who got castrated today (for those unaware, Albert is a kitten - not a human man).

Oh okay this does make sense. I think I haven’t noticed dampness because I don’t put much crunchy stuff in my fridge - aside from biscuits of course, hundreds of packets, occupying every square inch.

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Is your dis username taken?/do you not want to use it