Thursday day

Would you look at the time.

Ive just made my way through 1000 posts in the great things posted in social media thread.

Next… Brits are at it again


What u up 4 Tilts?

Absolutely goodness knows. Watched three sherlock on the trot. Also getting more depressed about the fact tomorrow is almost here. Then I don’t have the night anymore.

Dangerously close to 4.48 psychosis.

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This sounds a lot more ominous than it actually is.

How are you, sexy flanders?

Oh no that sucks! I hope you can break the cycle! I don’t really have any suggestions though sadly because my sleep is generally a bit of a car crash.

I am working - I have a big presentation at 9am and need to finish the slides. Which massively sucks tbh. Hoping to leave work early today though which would be something.

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Thanks lovely.

Gosh, working at this time? At least I have solace in doing absolutely nothing of meaning.

Will you get some chance for respite at any point after the presentation, other than leaving early?

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Morning ttf sup

And there it is… 4.48

Deadly silent here. Not even the sound of the motorway which I can usually hear.

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No - sadly not. Got a bunch of other stuff that needs doing today so won’t really get any respite before about 4pm.

Only good thing is that I’m an hour ahead of you (assuming you’re in the UK) so my working time it could be worse. Doesn’t help that I am currently reading about the creator of Ren and Stimpy and his gross awful behaviour after disappearing down a Twitter wormhole. This is probably why I need to wake up so early to finish work.

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Afternoon all.

Made a cake yesterday. The only icing we had was pink so it was bright pink but it came out good. Cannot recommend Dan Leppard’s Short ‘n’ Sweet enough if you want baked goods that almost always work out.

My daughter has finished her school work and is now playing Harry Potter Lego on Switch. Thankfully in completing movie 1 she seems to have understood the concepts enough that I’m not having to help every 2 seconds. More like every 20 minutes.

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Is Dan Leppard Def’s brother?

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Mos Def (initely not)


Morning! Getting ready to go get the horses ready for a ride. No rain today thankfully, only cloudy. Which for sure is not the worst weather to be out and about in.

Have a good Thursday everyone xoxoxox


Off to Brighton to see a couple of friends. Involves a long enough train journey from here. Got my Gold Flake Paint magazine and headphones, so should be set right.


Up listening to rilo kiley and drawing animals on the bairn’s really shit chalkboard - i should get a better one really.

Safari park later.


Was just thinking about all those serial vaguebookers on FB who must get their own posts as memories years later and be hoist on their own petard. Heh.

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Morning! Climbed up Suilven yesterday, including a 7 mile hike out to the hill itself (and then back again after)… it was unreal but my legs are starting to feel it today. Going to drive the north west corner of the NC500 today. The sun is out so I’m hoping to be able to have a swim in the sea :crossed_fingers: :sunny:


Good morning

Making enchiladas later, so that’s good.

Don’t really know what to do until then tbh.