Thursday day

Too late?

Not sure yet…

Alright Keith. On another later shift to do parenting for a sick kid who can’t go to nursery today. Probably on a 2-8 I think. Got a mountain of washing up to do and a load of music I wanna listen to.


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Coffee, then into the office for a decently chunky meeting, and have a submission to write with a pretty short deadline - so should definitely get start on that this afternoon

No plans otherwise, which is fine. Might try to finish my book as I’m keen for starting on my next one

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Just done the school run since I won’t be doing it tomorrow. An old guy nearly stacked it on the slippery paths on the hill, but thankfully me and another of the school dads grabbed him before he hit the floor.

Another busy day at work, but a few things came together yesterday and I’m feeling on top of things for a change.


Hi - more decorating but feel like I’m nearly there - should be more or less done with painting today, plus hopefully purchase and put up a new blind
Then tomorrow will be putting up shelves and clear up/ getting busy with the furniture

What an exciting way to spend my week off. Going to go for a pint or 2 with my son tonight at least

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Thought I’d get some Beyoncé tickets but she seems to be unwell charging £450 for a standing ticket on a Monday night! :skull:


Morning all,

not got a lot to say today which i know will be upsetting for all. Got to get a key cut out at some point. and get some sugar. pretty thrilling really.

Time for my daily jeremy vine hate watch anyway so it’s not all dull!

pretty annoyed there is going to be another Toy Story also - perhaps that’s ruined my day.

have a good one punx

Coughed about 700 times in the night :smiling_face_with_tear:

Planning my week off in a few weeks, looking like Glastonbury via the banging bakery near Temple Meads.

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Strike day :fist: but also, haircut day :haircut_man: (the two are unrelated).

Wishing a good Thursday to you all :blush:


Morning all :wave:

I meant to start the daily thread but then got caught up with work and didn’t. Then it was time for the school run and a haircut, and here we are.

Always time for a :sun_with_face: DAYLIGHT UPDATE! :sun_with_face: though:

:sunny: :crescent_moon: Daylight :heavy_plus_sign:
King’s Lynn 07:27 16:58 09:31:01 +3:46
Brighton 07:24 17:05 09:41:31 +3:29
Glasgow 07:55 17:07 09:11:40 +4:17
Manchester 07:40 17:06 09:26:49 +3:53
The Beer Factory, Devon 07:37 17:21 09:44:20 +3:25
Newcastle 07:42 16:59 09:17:29 +4:08
Cardiff 07:38 17:16 09:38:08 +3:34
Belfast 07:58 17:18 09:19:58 +4:04

A great day for :bell: :running_man: BELFAST :bell: :running_man: who have finally cracked the 8am barrier! Hope you enjoyed your sunrise this morning :sun_with_face:


I wonder if the sun has risen in London yet…


London: the sun has risen probably, it’s a very grey day here


Good morning big dogs

In the office today which is nice. Very excited for Carly Rae Jepsen this eve!

Had a bit of a horrible train ride with about 5 of those “revenue protection officer” bastards bullying this guy sat behind me. He was really confused and upset and didn’t have the money to pay the fine… Which they gave him for accidentally getting a train 5 mins earlier than his booked one :rage:. And once he got off they stood about carrying on like they’d caught a criminal mastermind. Horrible people.

Other than that tho… Hope everybody has a lovely day :relaxed:


Hiya. Feel like absolute shite and am spluttering constantly, but am taking the dog to her fave field for a big runabout which should cheer me up. :crossed_fingers:

Sorry, really wish I was more upbeat, hopefully will get my mojo back soon


I’m only 6 months into my job owning journey but i have been astounded at the power and effect of this on my mental health. she just brings me so much joy charging around in the park. She’s amazing

good luck finding that mojo. solidarity over here bab

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Just want it to be tomorrow now please, this week can fuck right off :frowning:

Made a delicious Gousto meal with G last night - Turkish eggs with garlicky yoghurt

Definitely going to copy this recipe at home :slight_smile:

:pray: the trains are running smoothly later


Get well soon dingers :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’ve done a phone call to the non-emergency police that I’ve been hoping Wor Lass would deal with, an asthma and diabetes review call with the nurse and a short union catch up with my colleague.

I’ve also managed to clear five pieces of marking that have been hovering online for about ten days.

I still haven’t planned my afternoon class yet.

Take it to the SYSO 2023 thread man! You’re making me feel bad :wink: :smiley:

(well done!)


Posted this in the MH thread but just had such a pointless CBT session. Grumble grumble. She just read the contract to me - that was the session!

Had a rollercoaster 30 seconds straight after where i thought I’d seen some gorgeous birthday plans then realising I’d jumped to conclusions incorrectly :sob:

What a morning :sweat_smile: