Thursday day

What’s doing? What’s happening?

Hey. Got a day of hifting and shifting and organising at work today. Probably going to be super muggy innit

Morning, got a philosophy to finish and issue a few other reports, but just had a huge nose bleed which wasn’t fun.

Gcse results for R isn’t it. Think the main issue will be getting him out of bed to go get them :star_struck:


Appear to be in my “Waking up at 5am” era. Again.

Good luck R, and everyone else with skin in the GCSE results day game!


gcse results :grimacing:


morning all,

work/counselling/work/house jobs ahead of moving house tomorrow.

hate it. been so negative this week so hopefully will feel better once actually moved.

Good luck to anyone waiting on results for themselves or those close.

Take care x


Bad night with the baby, who has a cold, for the first time in a while - feel appalling this morning. Taking the kids to a cafe / soft play / under-the-sea crafting thing later, plus probably hit up a supermarket.


First leg of our holiday ends today, and we’re getting a train from Paris to La Rochelle around lunchtime. But before that I’m off to find a boulangerie


Iconic role in french textbooks at secondary school


:eggplant::cherries::scissors: :x::baby:


Good luck!

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Please direct your good luck wishes to the practitioner, I think my role is going to be pretty straightforward.

thank you!


EXACTLY why we were drawn to it when looking at Maps of France to choose where to go on holiday!

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Had a mate on the drive in


Feels like there’s probably a thread about this but, how difficult was it to get organised.

Starting to think I should get around to it now.

It’s surprisingly noisy in this airbnb for how high up it is

Trying to force myself out of bed as I’ve got a hospital appointment but I’m v sleepy

Dead easy. Posted about it a bit in the not wanting kids thread, but I sent a message to my GP surgery (because I can’t get anyone on the phone) saying “DOC, THIS CURSED BLOODLINE ENDS WITH ME”, had one brief consultation call where the GP said “you know this is irreversible for all extents and purposes, yeah?”, one brief call with the clinic where they said “your GP has given you the talk, yeah?” and that’s it.

Got a cancellation appointment so it’s only been two months maybe, and NHS not private.


Getting the train to london in a few hours. Girlfriends birthday tomorrow and we’re off to all points east to see Justin and the lads. Not seen them in about 15 years. :heart_eyes: