Thursday day

Morning all!

I was asleep most of the night but have woken up tired and feeling like shit. I’m not entirely convinced I don’t have illness but I’m also not ill.

I’m doing an induction for one of my new classes this morning which may or may not be aided by members of the maths department. I hate shit like this and almost feel like it’d be better just to start teaching the course and let them make friends as they go.

I’m going to meet The Child’s new teacher this afternoon which should be nice and will also allow me to play PlayStation/ WFH.




It’s unbelievably stressful and shit moving but it’s worth it when it’s done. God speed


This is me tomorrow… my annual ‘take myself off to Edinburgh Fringe’ day and I can.not.wait. First I need to finish and issue a report and start another one, sit in a meeting, then down tools early to head to the Banksy exhibition in Glasgow and grab dinner and drinks. This is all crazy busy for lil’ ol me.


Mrs F had a panic attack in the night so I’ve been wide awake since about 4am and it’s really starting to kick in :sleeping:

Ooh whatcha gonna do

Morning all :wave:

Back home after our mini tour of Yorkshire. Going to get some bits from Sainsbury’s, mow the lawn and … not sure what else yet.

Had an absolute 10/10 sleep last night :blush:


Really annoyed at a work thing but just discovered someone on eBay selling an absolute treasure trove of late 90s fuzzy indie rock 7”s, so swings and roundabouts I guess.


Seeing a lot of runners on holiday. This isn’t Glastonbury.

Also the stage by the beach that has local acts on every night (and a dj doing what can best be described as a late 90’s wedding set on weekends) now has sponsors sell outs

Mortgage deal is coming to an end so just been on the phone to the broker to sort out a new deal.

Love to spend 5 years paying something off only for the price to go up by another 250 quid a month.

R got what he needed for A levels so on and up :smiley:


Of all the procedures for local anaesthetic to not have taken hold before the main act begins,


Je suis dans le TGV.

I tried to get a speedometer app, to see how fast we go, but it’s not working



Got the flat to myself today/tonight so I’m going to do some wild stuff (read Dune and eat soup)


I am at the hospital about to receive an iron infusion and the nurse who put my cannula in today said that the nurse who did it last week said “I remember her, she’s got terrible veins”


This flat white I bought at the station might be one of the worst coffees I’ve ever had. I think I’ve had better instant coffee than this

This lad keeps jumping up for a croissant but cant reach :face_holding_back_tears:

Reef are playing the abbey tomorrow night :sweat_smile: would absolutely take m if we were still here (only because she thinks the abbey is hyrule)


got enough bead bracelets pal.

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He’s heavily outnumbered by the waitresses bead necklaces. Culture war