Thursday Daytime - please don't talk about breakfast

Morning all!

Please record in your morning meals in the appropriate thread.

I’m going to work at work today and that’s all I have at the moment.

Hello. Driving down to the IoW later.

Currently about 80% of my time is spent looking at my new haircut in the mirror so I assume I’ll just be doing more of that this morning :relaxed:


Love the new hair! Have a safe drive :slightly_smiling_face:


Thinking about doing some work. Maybe. Idk.

The Vengabus is coming, the Vengabus is coming :notes: No meetings today, just vibes x

  • DiS Song Contest results coming soon!!

  • Been enjoying the Twitter saga of Tia’s dad and best friend (a DiSer posted about it on their Insta story and I had to investigate).

  • Chatting to my pal who doesn’t know I’m visiting her as a belated birthday surprise tomorrow (as planned with her husband) about Kanye’s antics and how Pete Davidson gets to bone all the most famous women in the world.

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Far too tired atm, luckily the 2 meetings I have today are with my colleague so we can just chat shit for a bit.

Saw a cat parked up outside his house.

Just got a nice lunch invitation which is more appealing than washing my huge stack of dishes and wiping muddy cat prints off every window ledge. Down with chores.


Hello Thursday, and hello DiS

My other half is upstairs sick with the 'rona. Technically Jimbo has it too, but he’s absolutely fine (if milking it a little for snacks).

Meanwhile I’m trying to juggle childcare, nursing my other half and doing my job.

I’m meant to be testing daily, but I did a test around 8pm last night, so I’m going to wait a while before testing again this afternoon

I am attending a virtual tech event all day.

Last night’s birthday meal was cancelled because the birthdayee got the 'rona.

Wore a slightly cringey t-shirt to work because I expected it to be cold and to wear my CRJ jumper over the top but the sun is shining in and it’s too hot to layer up so now I’m stuck wearing this all day and there’s a new manager in too :melting_face:

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Turns out I did a reasonably good job at tweaking my back up last night. Ibuprofen has reduced it to merely uncomfortable, but that means I occasionally forget, move wrong and end up in proper pain again.

Taken the day off as a sick day.


back in the office today, actually kinda like it. coffee and toast on tap, ooh boy. not much going on today but i am going out for a drink in peckham later. haven’t felt much like drinking lately but think i’m ready for a pint. so ruddy bloody brave.

any recommendations for where to eat in peckham? anything but pizza.


Had ideas of going to The Lakes (no, not that one…) for a walk this morning. Couldn’t be arsed when it came to it. Took the dog for a reasonably long walk instead.

Just gonna doss around the house for the rest of the day. Maybe a bath this afternoon. Slight chance of doing a bit of revision for work.


^what my posts look like when i cant reference the food ive just eaten

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Hey everyone - woke up in a surprisingly good mood considering I’m in interview stress mode, maybe it was the sunshine. Maybe it was cos I meditated, stayed off my phone and did a few chores
Today I’m finishing off my presentation and boning up. Hope I will remain chill


Good luck with the presentation :four_leaf_clover:


Well, I would if I had such iconic hair.

I woke this morning to find my cardboard bin had thrown it entire contents out into the trees in disgust at the weather. Fucking prick. So that was me, in my jammies, pulling Cheerios boxes out of a pine tree avoiding a dog shitting under me. Great fun.

And then.

The new car has a flat tyre. Getting the lads out to fix it, but it means that we can’t sell the old one today, as planned, which ruins plans for a celebatory burrito at lunch time.

Oh, and my eldest is home with post COVD fatigue.

Class thursday.


Just looked this up :sob:

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Inspired by the Pete Davidson chat upthread, I was amazed to find out after a Google that he’s only 28.

  • 28 sounds about right
  • Thought he was older
  • Thought he was younger
  • I’m pretending I don’t know who he is/standard DiS indie option

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Genuinely thought he was way older than that.