Thursday Daytime - please don't talk about breakfast

Is your presentation today? Good luck if so!

No it’s tomorrow at 11

Think I’m fairly relaxed cos I haven’t procrastinated as much as normal and there’s plenty to talk about



Can I talk about lunch


There’s two women sat on the table next to me in the bar I’m in both loudly ranking one of their ex-boyfriends from best to worst in an incredibly precise manner – properly both ranking them with different criteria, how much they still pine for them, how good the sex was, how much of a dick they were and all manner of other things.

Was meant to have left a good ten or fifteen minutes ago but can’t tear myself away from the goss :tea: :tea: :tea:


That outfit the lady is wearing is hurting my brain. It looks like she’s holding it up in front of her


Went for my nice post work daytime walk


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Fuck it. Going for a bevvy


I’ve been on hold to HMRC for the last 20 minutes. Please somebody shoot me.


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really hope i got the right disser here

Couple of possible DISers on Pointless - into climbing and gigs

blew his indie points though by saying Muse at the B-town dome was the best gig he’d seen


Muse are brilliant fun live, tbf

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I’ve cleaned my vaporiser - huge plumes of vapour but also the slight feeling that I’m smoking rubbing alchohol

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they are out in round 1 having scored only 6 (low is good if you don’t know the show) - they must be gutted

would that be for regular ol’ nicotine or the funnier kind?

I take mine apart and soak it in warm washing up liquid when I clean it.

just gonna be stream of consciousness for a while - sorry

funny - I have a marmalade jar of isopropyl (which I have stocked up on and have way over bought)

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You did, and also the correct version of the Chipmunks theme tune

This is the only real Chipmunks theme tune, anyone who says anything else is dead wrong!

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