Thursday Daytime

Morning all!

I hope you’re all well.

I am fine.



I had a terrible nightmare and I have a headache and a swollen eye. The cat is under the duvet curled around my butt which is making me consider getting some furry knickers.

Oh sorry, what i mean is, I’m fine thanks.


The unending cold which has stopped me breathing properly for oh the last 3 months appears to be going nowhere. Who needs a functioning nose anyway!

Full day of training and development today. Will either spend it all being frustrated by the work I’m falling behind on, or fully slacking off and playing guitar - who can say

No breakfast products in the house

I’m sleepy. Woke up at 5, will be trying to nap later as I’m on a 6pm-6am run of shifts until Monday morning and on 10 days straight. Yay??

Scholl drop done. Dodged the rain luckily. Might have a second breakfast

Good morning

Grandparents visiting in a couple of hours so I need to find a way to remove the sleeping baby from myself and tidy up a bit.

Breakfast so far today is a cereal bar and a pint of cold brew and will probably have some toast soon too.

Up early (early enough to be on the expensive peak-time train, which is therefore too early) to get to a work away day, for the new job I just started. Might be quite intense with all the new people and presumably activities? Free lunch though so can’t be all bad.

Then directly back to Brighton to host and perform a Fluxusy / Dadaish night I’m organising. Just transcribed a load of random numbers to use for my score :+1:

went to a different pret to usual today, got to keep things interesting in life havent you

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I also am fine. 3 hours left at work and then it’s long weekend time! Signals are all fucked so it may be a bit less than 3 hours or maybe a bit more. But still - 5 days off!

Gonna have a bacon bagel when I get home, take the dog for a spin (if it’s dry) and then maybe treat myself to a soak in the bath.


Goodness me there’s been a lot of rain in the last few days, eh? So much so that the back of our house is leaking HOORAY!

Anyway, I’m hoping that the rain eases off around lunchtime because I need to pop out.

Might dye my hair this afternoon

Off to some geezer’s house to pick up a drum practice pad and stand

That’s the new thing I’m into


Morning :wave:

Looks like I joined new DiS a couple of days late

Loads of work to do today. Little enthusiasm.

Waiting to be seen in A&E. Came off my bike on the way to work and cut myself open pretty badly. Was already fuming about having to make the journey into the office on a day when it would literally just be me sat there on my own. Apparently we have to be in the office 40% of the time so if I can’t come In on one of our designated wfo days I have to make it up. Obviously this doesn’t apply to my manager. Once I’m out of here I’m going to kick off.

gws p_h!

sounds very rough


Even before this I was having an almost comically bad week.

I’ve done 15 minutes of work and I think that’s my brain checked out for the day

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Went out to a Gurkha restaurant last night in Colchester. Very tasty. Bit of a iffy night sleep with F but not the worst, had a really nice shower this morning and its nothing 2 coffees and hotel breakfast haven’t solved.

Currently en route to Felixstowe with our pal whos acting as local guide/driver which is kind. Hoping the rain holds off. I want an ice cream.

Been sent cute pics of 3 of my nieces and nephews in their (nursery) school uniform :cry:

@profk forgot to update, didnt get to L mulligan grocers :frowning:

But went past it in a taxi.

Wasted trip

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The rain is not holding off. It had arrived. :pensive:

Reckon this is coldsore paranoia getting into your head

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