Thursday Delay thread

At the airport at 6am. That’s 1 hour and 10 minutes before my flight was due to leave. Now it’s delayed until 12:30. Fuck off!

Glad I didn’t stay up until 1 in the morning with the great idea of having a snooze on the plane.

Anyone not inconvenienced this morning?

On the bright side, I’ve already got two replays on the Mandalorian pinball machine and now I’m in the lounge wondering how long before I crack and have a glass of cheap prosecco.


Morning, got woken up by the Ferries that go from Stockholm to Finland blasting their foghorns at 6am

Inconvenient, but only mildly so compared to your predicament

It’s the 9yo’s first day of term today after 10 weeks (!) of summer holidays

We’re ready an hour too early

Worn jeans due to the rain thinking it’d be cooler I am a bit sweaty.

Last day of the week for me, not in until Tuesday :smiley:.

Day 3 of me and the cat he wasn’t impressed I chucked him into the rain cause I’m in the office all day.

Morning all.

Lovely and cool today so far, much more comfortable.

Been up since 5am thanks to baby and Mr s_w having to go to work early cause clearing. Managed to have a shower and put on makeup while baby napped though so not all bad.

Just had 3 scotch pancakes and butter and having my second coffee of the day.

Today ive got baby sensory at 11am, then meeting Mr s_w for coffee after, then itll be a afternoon at home. Maybe watch a movie.

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Flight to naples a couple months back got delayed a couple hours but fortunately had lounge access. Managed to sink five pints and two breakfasts before 8:30 :+1:


Morning all,

puppy can now climb the stairs so kids let her out the crate and she was straight up to me. Cute but not what you want really. Kids are being looked after today while i have a couple of meetings.

I am really tired. I have nothing to give sorry!


Niece’s a level results this morning. Nervy times

The dream! If I wasn’t supposed to be working I’d already be well on the way.

I was due to fly home from Rome yesterday at 5, it was cancelled when we were waiting to board!
Finally got to a hotel at 1am and have managed to book a flight back today at 5!



Ahoy. Late shift today, so suppose you might say my working day is delayed. Daughter has a high temp and is wandering around like a total drip, so this could be fun.

Morning all!

Our house has been awake since 7 and up since 7.30.

The Child is doing her best to make us late for school. Absolutely top level faffing.

Turns out my 10 o’clock meeting is actually at 9 o’clock and I was going to use that hour to prepare for it. Guess I’m going in dry.

Got a new fridge being delivered this afternoon. Think that’s about it for my day.

Got my A-Level results:



alright? had to get up early to finish off some work but whatever, off to green man :partying_face: not packing any walking boots or wellies like an idiot, pray fortuna


No results yet but her university place at Newcastle has been confirmed.:grin:


Woke up late because i was having a really great dream about being on a menhir hunting trip with stewart lee and one of those wind driven inflatables you see outside shops

Off today - got a freelance job though so need to do that but, y’know? I dont wanna.

Weather looks ok no? Just a bit on Sunday evening. Am very very envious. Have fun x

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Morning all :wave:

Got a four-day weekend coming up. Staying in Norwich tonight (will update the thread) and then off to Cromer for the weekend. Weather is looking windy but sunny - was hoping to do the lot by train but that’s not going to be possible.

Got a fun-packed day of admin ahead of me!

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Holly, who’s been AWOL for a few days has been spotted! Just before bedtime we did a scout around the local neighbourhood and we briefly spotted her in the car park of the flats behind us. She didn’t come when she was called, and she hasn’t been seen this morning, but it’s a big relief to know that she’s alive and not far away. I’m pretty sure that there must be someone in the flats feeding her though, because she never missed mealtimes here. The big issue now is that the car park is gated so we can’t just go and look in there any time we want. Hopefully she’ll come back of her own accord soon.