Thursday: Eclipse Day Edition

Morning troops

Woke to the bathroom door open and a trail of electronic tea lights leading the way. Partner is still asleep Nd there is no note so I am thoroughly perplexed and kinda creeped out.

It’s an eclipse today!

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Morning all :wave:

Woke up too early this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep, so went for a bike ride. Managed 9.5 miles and don’t feel quite so done-in, so that’s progress. Was properly lovely out:

Today is my Friday - all this means is that five days’ worth of work have been compressed into four :+1:


Okay, so that’s a double post (I didn’t think you could even do these on new DiS!)

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First time ever that bairn 2 (lockdown boogaloo) has been overnight at her gran and papa’s. So we had a night with no children and we’re both thoroughly sleep deprived so, of course, I woke up about 3am thinking about a lot of mad pish and couldn’t get back to sleep.

Hopefully a fairly straightforward couple of days of work and then I can get my weekend on (zero plans apart from watching football).

Hope you’re all smashing ya bunch of smashers ye.


Another member of team bad sleep signing in


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And of course as soon as something good in the sky is happening it’s cloudy as fuck :unamused:

Taking a day off work. Heading to Penistone. Not that there’s anything funny about a town named Penistone.



(NB I remember when this song came out, and some joker in HMV had stuck the price stickers on the CDs so it said CE CE PENIS. How I laughed)


Only slept about five hours last night because I made the bad call to stay up late binging Mare of East even though I had to get an early train.

Early train is to go and watch the cricket though, which will be fun! (and let’s be honest, plenty of napping opportunities)

Also was the recipient of the free Pret coffee this morning :partying_face: My only complaint would be that it would be good if they told you before you ordered, wouldn’t have been cheap and got a filter if I’d known it was free ffs

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Day off, naturally I have a work zoom at 10am as no day off passes without working, then spending the rest of the day cleaning until school pick up…which is no time at all. Feeling in a great mood though as I woke up to some completely drunken but super cute messages from the tv :revolving_hearts:

Slightly terrified by your candle situation @escutcheon please tell me you’ve not been possessed


Been working since 7:30 so I can get to the gym at 4. Broken Britain

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Group of #lads have just got on my train, straight on the #cans. One’s got a plastic bowler hat with the England flag on it, and those beer can holders you strap to the side of your head with straws coming off into your mouth.

Not even half 8 yet. Truly remarkable effort.


Morning all.

Was wondering what had happened to the sun - pretty impressive eclipse this

Omlette for breakfast, bike ride, dog walk, etc, etc

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A can on a commuter train on the way to the cricket is one of life’s great pleasures


Got a call with les fromages grand in… two minutes, then it’s clearing my desk so I can take two weeks off. Counting down the minutes.



Work / jab/ working and carefully monitoring myself for jab reactions

feel a bit fuzzy today after a couple of pitchers last night. too hot, slept bad. etc. good on me for making a massive pot of cold coffee yesterday though. smart eric.

Theyve caught Euro fever

how’s the arm