Thursday: Eclipse Day Edition

Yeah I wear wet suit shoes in the sea cos the pebbles hurt my feet

I prefer to wear them on Sandy beeches too - I got stung by a weaver fish when I was a kid and it fucking hurt. (They hide in the shallows on the sea bed and have a big spike sting thing on their backs - it happened in France but they hang out on uk beeches too)

Sea urchins too

It’s fine to wear beach shoes in the water if you want. And if you don’t, that’s fine too. Piles of jellyfish on one of my local beaches. Although shoes won’t stop the buggers stinging your legs of course.

Guess it depends on the size of the stones a bit? And how hardy yer feet are!

is that not what folk are talking about

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‘Twas far from concerns about feet injuries we were raised, and it’s done us no harm til now.

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Bloody french weaver fish, coming over here, stinging us! Bastards.

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No, I believe some people are wearing jelly shoes or some kind of weird special sandal in the sea.

Don’t go on pebble beaches. Sand4lyf.