Thursday eve feat. tempura

Making some padron pepper and asparagus tempura!!!

What does your Thurs eve have in store?


The Tempura feat. Maya


Today I had my gutters cleaned.

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Ah bums.

Bad bums? Good bums?

This sounds great.

I’m having leek and puy lentil gratin with feta topping, from the Green Roasting Tin.


Making some hot dogs for tea, might have a beer. Had quite a productive day cleaning and tidying but got usual Sunday night dreads coupled with a niggling sadness I’m not sure of the cause of.

I asked @avery to check SECONDS before I posted, too!


Oh I see bums :flushed::flushed::flushed: we can share? @moderators can you merge please?

Make sure to wear flowers in your hair, like all proper punks.


Managed to avoid the temptation to have a lasagndwich for dinner.

Currently making sourdough croissants and waiting for my soldering iron to heat up.

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@Gnometorious kinda funny that we both independently added ‘feat’ in honour of the daily thread.

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Working until 8.30 and then filling in a rental agreement form and eating soup. Gonna have to move, ffs. What a pita

VIPSA - Do not buy Tescos own brand Dark Chocolate Digestive Biscuits! No matter how desperate you are. Don’t do it. The layer of chocolate is miserly, way too thin and the digestive itself has little to no flavour.
I wish I’d spent £1.50 more on Mcvities or turned around, walked away from the biscuit aisle and out of the door, taken a right and then a left, then another right again onto the main road, crossed over at the traffic lights and continued a rough 7 minute walk, past the road on which I live and gone into Lidl and got their own version of the DCD biscuits which, I can tell you now, are vastly superior to these pathetic disks of disappointment.

Just finished the lasagne leftovers with green beans ooh and peas.
Cinema this evening.

What are you upto, sweet imternet dorks of my heart?


Also consumer announcement

Do not use the vending machine at birmingham new st

Absolute prick


Is this now the thread for VIPSAS on consumer items?

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Mac cheese for dinner
43p party rings from Aldi for dessert


Pricks at Greater Anglia put the first class carriage at the back of the train instead of the front. Totally fucked up my train boarding strategy

Going to have a look a Clifton Suspension Bridge and then to see David Copperfield the film not the book or the man


Done. No judgment on the merits of the threads, just this one had more posts for some reason.