Thursday eve feat. tempura


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Stew including sprouts.

Now snacks.

What’s good on Netflixers?

Pics. Plz


Bums are so good tho

Yes yeah yeah. I see how it is.


Half an hour late home today, waiting for the train to leave Kings X. Dinner is Japanese curry of some form (veg or chicken) and tonight I’ll probably be doing some coding/reading about coding/breeding Pokémon for Zorb and/or Flashinglight.

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If I’d read the OPs I’d have probably gone with yours for the phrase “pathetic discs of disappointment”.


I’m a big fan.


classic thursday


Bought a Mars bar but the malteasers I could have had make me melanchonfectionaly

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Very weird day. I’d like to eat some junk food.

Evening all!

I’m on a train to London, for the start of a three night gig marathon. Tonight I’m going to see JFDR at St Pancras old church. I’ve got stale sausage rolls and a train beer for the journey.

Today is my Friday :partying_face:

But work is really fucking stressful so I’m kinda regretting taking time off :cry:

Will probably have to check into my emails still :sob:

Thursday mood is present

Today is also my friday

Cant wait to eat soup tomorrow

got some jacket potatoes in the oven. making some chana masala (with a tandoori twist) for go on top. smells v good. back to work.


Shall I put some make up on?

  • Mate. You’re going to sit in the dark for 2 hours with two of your best mates
  • Yes ofc. What if you see someone hot on the way in or out?!

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I beg your padron

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Im 550 posts behind on the smashing corgans thread. Should i catch up?

  • Of course! You’ll never guess what William’s done now!
  • For the love of god, run, and never look back.

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Outstanding work!

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