Thursday Eve Thread 27/02

Hola! Quiet day today eh?

Still on time off here, so Ill probably hit the beers sooner than later and listen to lots of music per usual. Mrs NY speaking at a conference late so probably DiS it up as well.

What are ya’ll up to this evening my sweets?

Out on the beers again, what a #lad eh

Looking forward to catching up on masterchef in a bit


Evening all!

Last night the cat we’re looking after threw up a roundworm so understably the housemates don’t want it in the living room/kitchen area (open plan house which I have always hated). What this is gonna mean is the cat being kept in one room for the rest of the week. It don’t seem too distressed ATM but another few days and it’ll be going wild. Feel really bad for it :neutral_face: . Any suggestions on how to keep it stimulated would be much appreciated

Otherwise having veg soup for dinner. Was gonna have a decaf coffee. Still might

Can’t decide if I want to read, watch something, play something, do music, or something else.

Although really I can’t be arsed doing any of them so it’s not really a difficult decision.

u wot

Ladsladslads oi oi oi


Click on the link eric, I’m trying to save sean some money here

Something’s wrong with your vino

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Hey up! Alright??

Cooking up an English type of tea of lindaMc oven treats, stove top potatoes, carrots and peas. Then it’s junk telly and sorting my Victorian day for tomorrow. Can’t wait to do my school Ma’am selfie. :laughing:


L.macs, beetroot, cabbage and carrots for tea.

No beer for me. As I’m a good boy

Plz say you’re having gravy with that

Hi NY!

Hope you’re enjoying your week off :blush:

I’ve been feeling pretty down but have somehow managed to be quite productive this week too.
This post is boring.

Plz could someone make me an old fashioned and give me a cuddle?
Thanks x


Even the great gnometorious is allowed to feel down every now and then. Hope you have a pick me up soon! :blush:

and @Avery old fashioned on the double for the ole Gnome eh?


:tumbler_glass: :hugs:

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Making chips now, GF will make tzatziki when she’s home for beetroot burgers.

Blasting Souls Of Mischief, would love a can right now.

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Still got a bit of a cold so made a massive chilli con carne to try and flush it out, was very nice too. Back to work tomorrow so just gonna watch M,SW and avoid the giant box of crisps I bought earlier.

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Thanks NY! You’re a good egg xxx

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Thank you sweet Funky x

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Having a couple of wee drinks. Then gonna make a mushroom risotto. Hugs to you from Glasgow @Gnometorious

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