Thursday Eve Thread 27/02

Debating it. But probably not.

Been gym. Sent off an invoice - just editing things :sunglasses:. Gonna have some lightly dusted haddock for tea.

Watching darling buds of may. Would like to live in a world where impending electricity bills can be sorted out by ‘something will come up’ and a bite of a sandwich

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Terrible day lads. a project I’ve been working on sporadically for four years and pretty much full time for the last 2 months probably died today.

Just watched a Murder She Wrote where it turned out Jessica Fletcher dreamt the whole thing. Fucking hell.


Sorry to hear that Smee, sounds shitty.

I’ll level with you at the New Years meal the gf accused me of having gravy with everything (not true), so abstaining from gravy for a while to ‘win’ the argument

I care much more about maximum gravy consumption than winning an argument.
You do you tho, my friend.

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tell me what to watch… in the mood for something wanky

  • in the mood for love
  • cold war
  • eight and a half

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I dont think this meal needs it.
L.macs - brown sauce
Carrots - ‘butter’
Cabbage - cooked in ‘butter’ so already nicely lubricated
Beetroot - nice and juicy anyway


I am absolutely dead. Because R has been pretty unwell I’ve missed all the usual little parenting breaks I get (preschool, him seeing his dad) and he has been (understandably) clinging to me. Really not made for this sort of constant tension. Hoping he’s getting better but alongside some of the slightly subsiding symptoms there is now a complaint of tummy pain :frowning:

Anyway, currently already up the latest I have been any day since Monday. Determined to finish my book tonight so should probably put down the internet. I may have one (1) beer, though opening it will no doubt end up with R waking as I take the first sip.

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Cuddles and booze for you x


Crack a beer you deserve it. Hope R feels better soon! :hugs:



It’s another burger night for me, pals. The place is directly across the road from my hotel AND the festival venue, so…

Seeing as I didn’t get any halloumi last night I have now ordered a side of halloumi fries and I’m pretty excited about it.


I’ve not had a good old fashioned in ages


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Cold War is properly brilliant.

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Apparently you can get married at 16 here. How about that. Always thought it was 18.

  • Weird.
  • Fine.

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Aren’t you in London?

Poor R and poor you!
Hope he feels better and you get a bit of time to yourself, soon.
I think you’re amazing x