Thursday eve

Gotta meet someone in a bit but have an hour to kill so just gonna wander about in the cold listening to miserable music. Might have a secret pint too, shhh!


STILL working on AQOS. Bored of it now.


You must stink of wee!


TV is out - got more work to do. Then prolly get some Sainsbags BBQ ribs and play viddy Gs until far too late.

Not as much as you did last week!




No u smell the most!!


Bombay Burrito :ok_hand:


It’s my Friday. Incredibly busy day at work. Glad it’s over. The TV is going to karate so I’m gonna make an omelette and play Vidya and burp a lot

Just went past a bunch of people in “halloween” costumes queueing to get into a club. One of them was dressed as Trump. Absolutely livid.

Whatcha gonna be playing?

Not surprised they were livid - he’s not very popular!

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Evening all.

About to get up from my ‘nap’ (lying in bed reading the Internet for two hours)

Got some waitrose ready meal for tea. No beer for me tonight as I’m knackered from last night.

Probably catch up on The Apprentice, read some Beckett and try get an early nighht.

Been thinking a lot about Snow today.

I’m not very focused on my work

I indexed my brother’s new bike and

now I’m eating a curry

then I might play Carcassonne

We’ve got a couple of big jobs on tonight so gonna swing by see the team and chat to the clients.
Then back up the road for food and a film or summit

This is code for ‘drink all their free booze’, right?


Catsitting a cat that has disappeared ffs. Otherwise got some sweet sweet decaf on the go and looking at some work.


  • Onions are great and I love them
  • Onions are ok
  • onions are bad

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which came first

  • one finger twix
  • two finger twix

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@TheBarbieMovie2023 look what’s near my work