Thursday eve

Happy Thursday evening guys. Doing owt?

Just had some piz

Absolutely rammoed in here


I think maybe I’m depressed. Going to eat some chocolate

That looks fucking immense.

Just preparing some pasta myself.

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I’ve had a stressy day so I’ve ordered an honest buffalo burger with chips and it comes with free onion rings

Just gonna watch tv, might shower and change the sheets before bed as a treat (and cos I’ve forgotten to have a shower today)


Got really excited that I had a negative test when in fact it is just a slightly fainter positive.

Resigned to this holiday being a complete fuck up now. Going to have a beer and finish yet another book.

Job application done = vodka time


Made a mystery dinner out of stuff we had in the fridge and it turned out really nice. Sausage and creamy garlic mushroom base with egg and cheese on top. Tasted loads better than it looks



Probably going to have half and half.



Just recorded a really fun guest spot for my next radio show with a musician I like! She was real nice and told a cool story and picked an all-timer track to go with it.

Wanna go out to Tesco but the weather is miserable. Gonna watch a comedy stream and have some beers later on.

All of this is nothing compared to @keith living his absolute best life today though


Stuck at Hackney Downs because a vehicle has struck a bridge and they need to inspect it.

Hoping to make it to a friend’s for tea. Fourth night out in a row.

Is that the new Mexican one?

On my 6th beer. Ah, no kids life is great


I’ve had about a litre of chocolate stout this afternoon too.

I imagine this is what Henry VIII felt like before he got married.


Just want it on record that I liked that post before the edit and now I wish I could like it again


I like Cerys Mathews and b&b by the sea is alright but it’s not as good as saving lives at sea

No - Texas BBQ and a Veggie Volcano.

I’ve added BBQ sauce and hot sauce to the veggie one because it isn’t really doing the business.

I think you just beat me to it!

Ah I see. Keep seeing ads for the Mexican one and it has me very curious.