Thursday Evenin'

got proper post graduated today

nothing on this evening, might eat some maltesers later, play some zelda after skimming the 100k thread.

watchu up to hun?


Awesome!! well done!

Great pic.


Well done Slicky! Going to go see Sheer Mag and drink alcohol until I fall asleep :tada:


Nice work slicky, you look awesome


Oh this evening, I’m gonna pack then watch rugby on TV. May tidy up a bit. Just had pizza for tea whilst watching the pilot for ‘the tick’ with Peter serafen-whosit.

I did not get the BBC job.


:frowning: :eggplant:


see you lot later x

oh no, what a shit. Did they give you some feedback on why?

their loss, pervy XX

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pizza details please.

tomorrow we are going out for Italian and I will have an egg on my pizza, so looking forward to it!

Aw yay!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Amazing photo Slicky! You look great as always! That dress is :heart: Hope you had an excellent day celebrating!!

The bf is on his way with fish and chips and wine!! I am too excited… though, sadly I think my Christmas cactus is dying :cry: it doesn’t look very happy, at all. I’m actually pretty gutted…


It was a co-op jobbie, ham, mushroom and mascarpone

^not mine


nice tea you got coming up there, yep was good fun. had a lovely lunch with my Mum and MrS after as well - lunchtime wine as well so feeling like a nap already.

I have got a cactus that I’ve had in it’s same pot for 11 years…I know I need to do something but am terrified of killing it…

Evening all. Great dress @Slicky , commiserations @TheBarbieMovie2023 .

I’m watching a hockey match at a place called Titwood. Titwood :joy:


Well done slicky.

Unlucky Pervo sure something else will come along soon.

Just making some documents to help with my revision.

Grats slicky!

Aww too bad, keep at it though. Competition for that kinda thing is ridiculous.

Just been to meet a man about a map. Heading home for some falafel and might work on some stuff if I cba but looks doubtful.

congrats slicky, that is a great dress as witches says

@TheBarbieMovie2023 that sucks, better luck next time pervo!

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FAO of @japes

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I’m playing a sneak preview version of Football Manager 2018 that someone - obviously I’m not going to name who - on the boards gave me access to. Cheers mate, hope Manchester United do well this year :wink:

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Zigzag dress!

Sorry about the job pervo, it’s fully their loss

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