Thursday Evenin'

that’s a real shame :frowning:

Great work @Slicky!

And commiserations @imaperv. Defo the Beeb’s loss… Let’s hope the next one is the one for you!

Had an hour and a half swimming (or at least largely messing around in the pool) and now home, letting the kids settle before getting into the bath and then bed myself. Feel exhausted.

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Awesome slickster :+1::grinning:

Thanks, went with the zigzag as remembered the yellow requires wearing a bra that is painful after a few hours!

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Yeah, basically I faded out of the group task and didn’t push my ideas enough. (the timer ran out LITERALLY just as i was about to do this and point out that we weren’t catering enough to people who weren’t interested in politics, which was part of the brief… i.e. i had JUST said one word to introduce this train of thought and then was cut off by the moderator :confused: )

I can find some convoluted way to blame my current job for it (customer is always right, you’re not allowed to have your own opinions!) but nah i’m generally not good at pushing forward ideas when i’ve not had a chance to think about them.

Well you look just splendid, and congratulations :+1::grinning:

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Congratulations @slicky ! Commiserations to you @TheBarbieMovie2023! There’ll be more opportunities for you down the road!

Just in from watching Cork City lose. Pretty annoyed they’re out of Europe but they’re still going to win the league. Going to tidy my room, watch some anime and drink some beers I think.

The ex popped round to pick up her stuff, we’ve drank a shit tonne of wine and behaved disgracefully.
Im horrified with myself and want the world to swallow me up, I’m shit!


Shaking my smh man. You never learn :roll_eyes:


Saw my mum’s socks and reckon @Witches and @meowington might appreciate them.

Pretty badass to be honest, and in no way a weird thing to put on the internet.


Yes slickers! Happy days pal :mortar_board::mortar_board::mortar_board:

Pervo, completely their loss chief. Keep grinding both vocationally and in your personal life :wink::eggplant:


Oh, and well done @Slicky, commiserations @TheBarbieMovie2023 (as everyone’s said, their loss), and oo-er @Lo-Pan :no_mouth:.


On a serious note, you insatiable bastard, if you wanna chat you know where I am :+1:

Chin up Lopes, we all do silly things. Try not to beat yourself up about this homie!


Well done and congrats @Slicky

Parent’s’s-in-laws’ (and the dog) came round for a Chinese (and Prosecco and then Champagne).

My belly is now very full of prawn toast, crispy chili beef, chow mein and fizzy wines.

Evenin’ people! Just been catching up with an old friend that I’ve barely seen for the best part of a decade. Was nice but slightly odd.

Congrats @Slicky :tada:

Sorry to hear @TheBarbieMovie2023 , that sucks!! There’s definitely something else out there for you though :hugs:

@Unlucky just had a message from my ex-flatmate saying he might have a parcel for me :no_mouth:

doing nowt. tv’s at work and i’m skint. listening to courtney barnett. wish i had somewhere to be tonight.

I’m watching Pointless with my parents :confused:


hate nights like this. all too frequent lately. can’t do anything if you’re broke, it sucks. times like this i hate living in an area where there’s loads of decent places to go if you do have some coppers, it makes it worse.

Bloody love them!