Thursday Evening 19Sep2019

Evening folks. Another evening, another airport, another Nandos.

Crapper of a week and I have two reports to write and submit before midnight whilst being on a plane somehow :woman_shrugging:

Tell me about your much, much better evenings.


just saw a rat run across my garden, should I be worried?

Never met a rat before

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You need not be worried. There’s rats everywhere.

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That blows laelfs :weary:

I went out and checked around for a nest or signs of disturbance, couldn’t see anything noticeable

anyway my evening is pretty good, just cracked open a cold one, gonna run a bath and then maybe sit in a comfy chair for a bit


In my wee local having a second beer, was sitting outside but the table next to me were talking pure Brexit pish so moved inside.

Up the road after for a big bowl of pasta and some tv. Hmmmm see when you have one, sometimes you just want them all.


You should be very worried if your house is overrun by rats.

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Yeah but seeing one rat in you garden is probably not a big deal

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Being sat next to strangers discussing any kind of political opinion is just the worst.


Off for a meal with workmates then watching footy

Well the creep is back buzzing on the doors of the single women living on the ground floor, was hoping the police scared him off. Really freaking out about it, he must be watching all the time to figure out who to target. I can’t open my windows anymore and I don’t sleep at night. Cant afford to move and I really don’t want to :confused:

Anyway, having a bad day today, going to go to bed in a few hours.

Oh what football? Thought all the important games had already been this week.



I’m in the bath with bubbles, prosecco and music. Forgot candles though :broken_heart:

Today is my Friday :tada:
Really looking forward to spending the weekend in Manchester and a lovely medium long :steam_locomotive:journey there and back means :hourglass_flowing_sand:to catch up on some :open_book:

Puzzling over which books to take…

Have a lovely evening all x


I don’t mind so much so long as someone isn’t a pure intolerant cunt but alas tonight there was at least one pure intolerant cunt.

At a lecture about Phrenology (it’s not going to be pro-Phrenology)

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just so long as you don’t have food that they could get too/on the floor/ just around and keep doors closed/have no wee holes, they should stay away.

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yeah nothing cool and ratty in my garden

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That’s really horrible :confused: I’m so sorry you’re having to put up with this! Really makes me angry that the police don’t do anything about this kind of creep.
Hugs xxz


evening all :wave:

had my eye test today, apparently my eyes have got less short sighted? didn’t even know that was a thing that was possible. although something else went up so overall I’m about the same :man_shrugging:

back is aching a lot today though so don’t think I’ll do much this evening. have some stuff I got from M&S that might end up being dinner, will see.