Thursday Evening 19Sep2019

Ooooooft. You’ve done him there.


Late out of work, so in a bit of a rush this evening. Meeting family for a meal and unlimited salad. :+1:

He did leave an open goal and you snapped up the chance!

They did come and patrol but even if they caught him they cant do anything about people ringing door bells. He needs to attack one of us before they can do much.

Thing is they even said it’s almost certainly the peeping tom getting bolder and it sounds extreme but once they get bolder they move on to rape and murder. Wish I didn’t know so much about which absolute rotters started out that way, and I do feel ridiculous saying it but he’s not crouched behind the door hoping he can present me with a bunch of flowers is he. Eugh.

Yeah I was going to finish that sentence with …before they…escalate but didn’t want to be insensitive when you’re already( v understandably) anxious.
Just makes you feel so powerless.
Not that it will come to this, but if you know about those rotters then you’ll also know some of the ways to get the better of them. The absolute POS’s

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First speaker used a good meme


I’m not suggesting you do this by yourself but in my experience when men have followed me/ hung around being creepy - just hiding from them is the worst thing - and confronting them and making a loud fuss has been enough to scare them away. Do you have enough contact with your neighbours that when he comes back some of you (plus some men ideally) go out and shout as him a bit?

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Went to flat iron for dinner and yet another thing cementing it as my fave restaurant. Came back from the loo and my dad was standing up and I realised they’d cleared the table of my drink. Kicked up a minor fuss with dad and the waiter overheard and made us both two seven pound bourbon cocktails on the house. :muscle:


This happened to me last time too! I was hoping it was the start of developing some super powers, but the optician thought it might be because I was pregnant for the previous test


Evening all…off to yoga in a bit. Had a fun day but man am I pleased to be fridaying tomorrow.


I really think I need to get into yoga


Bored. Might go for a beer by myself at the bar downstairs. Unless @BodyInTheThames fancies a pint.

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Would love one but the tv is away in London all this week & I’m therefore home alone with the younglings tyvärr


I figured it was v late notice…but equally would have been rude not to!

Think I’ve just found a load of stag beelte lavae in a big flower pot in the garden


Idk. A neighbour threw rocks at him last year! He was back a few nights later. I sometimes wonder if he lives here to know so much about the women here, one of them for example appears to outsiders as living with a man and their child, only people who really observed over a long period would realise the man is actually another neighbour, her boyfriend still, but he doesn’t live with her. He rang her bell last night anyway, so that’s every single woman on the ground floor he’s identified now. Fucking creep.

alright. working late. listening to pet sounds.

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:grimacing: how about doing a Kevin McAllister and play a recording through the door buzzer of a male voice telling him to fuck off?


Merry Xmas ya filthy animal

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