Thursday evening (1st October)

Hi :wave:

How has your Thursday been? Plans for this evening?

My awesome new sofa was delivered so I’m going to be sitting on that.

Photo (with bonus cats and half-started decorating):

(I had to put the date in the title as kept getting the ‘title has been used’ message)


that’s a lovely sofa, well done ssh. hope you’re doing good

my evening is: AQOS result compiling, IKEA meatballs for tea, maybe some reading


Fuck, just realised it’s only 5.15pm in the UK. It’s 6.15pm here so definitely evening, OK?!

I would like to touch that sofa and also the kitty


Which one? There are two in the photo :cat2: :cat2:

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*sucks air through teeth*

dunno about that mate, dunno about that


I’m not fussy

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I love this sofa and one day aspire to own something similar!

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Been listening back to old albums all day. Elastica, Suede, Magnetic Fields, Neutral Milk Hotel (it’s such a meme that I forgot how much I actually like ITAOTS), Oasis. good stuff.

Think I have a sty coming under my eye, it’s really painful when I blink. That’ll teach me to… not be able to sleep for a week and a half and then shun sleep for some lovin’.


Nothing like the sound of a cat purring

Hello. I got groped today. Not talking about it thought because I should have still been self-isolating (was abroad, negative test, but 2 weeks of being a hermit).

Lovely! I want a new sofa and only costs like £20 a month but the one I really want has light wood arms but I cant get a straight answer if its actual wood or veneer as I want to stain it dark. There are two others I also like and can’t decide.

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@avery just found this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I listened to the Magnetic Fields the other week for the first time in ages.

Ouch, a sty (stye?) does not sound fun :frowning:


ooh I love a bit of customising. If it is veneer you could use Frenchic paint as that goes on anything.

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Man, that was such a nice day

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Another day, another cracking DiSlivery - cheers @anon19035908 :smiley: What a lucky fuck I’ve been this week


Woah! Firecracker lobster crisps sound incredible. Let me know what they’re like when you’ve tried them.


Homerpalooza just started on c4 :eyes: A turkey is a bad person.


:rotating_light: :rotating_light: :rotating_light: :rotating_light: :rotating_light: :rotating_light:

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