Thursday Evening 25/02

Evening lads and ladettes.

Had to pop home to pick up something and my mum gave me two portions of lasagne and garlic bread to takeaway. Win!

Then I went to Morrissons (loving their content btw) and as I walked out an employee handed me this as ‘a random act of kindness’ WIN!

Telling me how you’re winning tonight.


Football teams in red and white are winning everywhere tonight.

Spent money i don’t have on my favourite takeaway and it was crap, messaged them and they said to arranage my next one though them directly and they might send something my way. Would rather have some bloody money back than give you more m9s.

Spent ages dissecting an owl poo, inhaled quite a bit of it, it was nice knowing you all.

CW: animal bones


I am winning because there’s currently a lasagne baking in the oven. I’m starving, hurry up oven!

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giraffe mascot overdrinking. band t-shirt design!


Hey gang!

Just came back from having dinner (outside!!! in a restaurant!!! still no alcohol anywhere but food is ok!!!) with an absolute ATD who has just moved back to town after a decade away. She is one of the absolute best so this has made me quite happy <3


oh my god has the vinmonopolet closed during covid?!

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Home from work to find that potty training has started without me knowing. So thats been fun sponging wee out of the carpet.

in b4 “thought you’d been potty trained already m9” comments

No idea what’s for tea. It’s Friday tomorrow so that’s nice.


Wahaca takeaway for dinner. Pibil pork tacos 4 lyf

Who knows what later. No work tomorrow so maybe a tasty beer

You got all those bones out the owl poo?!

that’s a bit of a score

i’m having sausages


Hi laelfy and everyone else :wave:

Congrats on your massive win! That is a brilliant box of goodies! Love those sugary morrison scones :blush:

I am winning because I took tomorrow off!! Hurrah!!! Pizza is on the way and there’s fizzy wine in the fridge :heart:


Yeah, well pellet before any owl pedants come and correct me. There were more but I got bored. I’ve not counted but there were definitely more than 10 jaws!

got a crunch and crumble session later.

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It did, for like one day, in my region. It led to such long queues in the neighbouring counties that they re-opened even though it was meant to be closed for two weeks.

No alcohol being served in restaurants and bars etc though.

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Our boiler and water tank is finally fixed and I just had my first hot shower in almost 3 weeks. :shower:

Feel like I’ve won the lottery!


Gary Oldman’s on The One Show with about three different accents

What have you been doing for the last three weeks?!

Got an espresso martini mini 'cheesecake (testing to see if up to scratch to order for my sis as birthday treat)

Watching a film with some film club pals.

Got an apparently nice low abv ale to sup on.

Hey hey

Watching an online GCSE options evening for R

Then it’s s guardian online event with Tim Dowling.

Got a double decker and a tea so all good. Well jels of that box @laelfy looks ace.

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