Thursday evening 29/4/21

What’s everyone up to this evening? I’m procrastinating about doing the washing up

Hey up. Going to do yoga in a bit.

Then it’s sofa and probably toast as the curry I made for tea was so horrible it went very much in the bin.

Hi there. Sacked off making dinner for the fam and rustled up some shit for the kids which means I need a takeaway.

What a mess. :eyes::eyes::eyes:

Got a quiz on zoom tonight with my ATDs who I will be seeing in real life on Saturday so this might be the last zoom one.

I’ll do it if you like? I enjoy washing up

It might take you a bit too long to get here but thanks for the offer

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Had dinner, won at Fortnite (obviously), now going to play computer games while Dr Mrs Epimer has a video call with her pal in Israel.

Completely fucked the timings up on my dinner tonight, ruined it

Evening all :wave:


  • glass of wine :wine_glass: and maybe some pistachio nuts :chestnut:
  • couple of episodes of The Office :man_technologist: :woman_technologist:
  • maybe a game of scrabble :nerd_face:

The plastering is now done downstairs. Now we wait for it to dry!


I was going to have rice for tea but I’ve run out of rice.

had my first pints in a long time. Tanned quite a few waaaaaay too quickly. :laughing:
Now back in the flat and trying to decide what to have to eat…although deep down i know i’ll make a big bowl of pasta. :grinning:


so tired. gonna eat dinner and go to bed i think, maybe a bath if i can stay awake.

Watching Partick hopefully win promotion, commentator said I could watch with a small libation, so think I will :beer:

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Met a good few folk tonight off to see that match

From the canal


It’s my Friday today :tada:, thankfully, after a ridiculous couple of weeks at work.

Feel like a bit of a spoilsport now as my housemate has suggested going for few pints in a beer garden somewhere, but I feel too knackered.

Evening. I impromputudly popped down the pub for a post work pint and food. Still here. Its starting to rain but we have cover. I’m hoping my Friday WFH is kind to me tomorrow…


Big bowl of pasta is always a winner to be fair.

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Ordered a Chinese. Can’t afford it but I deserve it m9s.


Hey everyone

Just spent the last couple of hours learning the riff from Jolene, that’s a tricky riff but I’m getting there

Got the oven on for fish and chips, gonna have mushy peas too. Listening to Spoon on the worktop, got a beer and a bit of :herb: going. And it’s my Friday!


You cant put a price on succulence.