Thursday Evening Anxiety Thread

Hey team. Since Eric didn’t start the thread bang on time, here’s a slightly late one.

Got various anxieties this evening, but walked to the station, got a drink and taking it fairly easy in First Class now.

Hope you’re all doing grand.


Feeling better than I did earlier but still pretty damn crappy, thanks brain you arsehole.

Going to watch the new Simon Amstell Netflix special, that’ll be nice. A kindred soul.

Hope you have a good evening @anon76851889, and hope you feel better




Likewise mate. Brains are the absolute pits when they feel like it, aren’t they.

Think I’m gonna need to rehang the front room door this evening and otherwise will probably play fire emblem or play some piano or something.

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Having a pint after a shit and annoying day. Planning on SHREDDING bass for the night.

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Going out for a couple of #beers


Hi! Also got some bad anxiety tonight. Been really on edge and angry and clenching my jaw.

Got a meeting soon, imagine it’s going to take bloody ages as well as there’s some right lovies coming to it who’ll all want to chat about themselves indefinitely, and it’s in a bar. Would just like to go to bed and read and not socialise with anyone.

Want to work form home tomorrow but got a meeting at 3pm. Hmph.

Fuck anxiety. Fuck anxiety right in the air.

Working late tonight then my BFF’s coming over to dye my hair :smiley:

I’m really hungry but half 6 is too early for dinner, isn’t it?


U wot m8? Fucking A

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Was thinking of going seeing sharon van etten in Leeds but it sold out.

So probably just gonna sit in, drink a few of my father’s beer then make beans of toast.

realised I’ve developed this recently, can’t seem to get out of the habit. already have a misaligned jaw so I’m gonna be fucked in a couple of years

Hope tonight isn’t too awful pal x


he seems to be transforming into a young Chris Morris in looks. it’s disconcerting.

My work do that regularly. Loads of people fall for it, even when the most recent one should be fresh in people’s minds.


Evening! Burger and chips for dinner because apparently it’s national burger day, and who am I to argue.

Gonna have some beers and maybe start on a new tune later.

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My work do this, generally just make you do some 10 min phishing training if they suck you in.


Can’t stop thinking about the Amazon being on fire. Should I make a thread about it?

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Literally sent a message to Mrs Z about noticing this fifteen minutes ago. It coincides with when I’m more anxious and irritable, so I’m trying to take it as a sign I need to take time out, but i’ve often been doing it for ages before I realise.

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Took kids on a nice walk, saw some cows and deer. Quite pleased with this picture.

Then met a lovely pal for tea and cake.

Kids still nutty on star Wars, Lego all across the front room.

Sausage and chips for dinner.


We’re about a week into a supposed dry period. The wife has just put a bottle of wine in the fridge. I’m not complaining.

Homemade pizzas for tea.


That’s an ace picture Slicks.