Thursday evening chat



The Apprentice interview stage tonight - woo!

Had paella for dinner - woo!



I’m going to have a burrito for dinner for the second time this week then go to a gig.


I don’t think a day goes by that someone on here isn’t have burritos for dinner


Made fish finger sandwiches with wraps rather than bread, worked out pretty good to be honest.


Having “chicken” and avocado burgers w/ parsnip fries, drinking a mikkeller ipa from my beer52 box (cheers pnix) and waiting for masterchef
aka the stoke newington trifecta


I ate way too much buffala mozzarella earlier and feel a bit queasy, but essentially have no regrets.

Going to see the star wars film in about half an hour. I’m not a huge star wars fan, but the previous new one was fun, and the ticket was only £3.



Fishfinger burrito?


Hiya. Am in work. Going to have a bit to eat in a minute. Just over two hours left until hometime <3


Burritos always make me feel sick about an hour after I’ve eaten one, not worked out what it is that causes it but seems to happen every time


Hi Scout

Sorting some invoices out then finding an Apprentice stream later. I have so much stuff to do and it’s doing my head in so I’m trying to de-stress by watching some Gilmore Girls which is pretty counter-productive buuuuuut oh well


On my way to sound control on ny own as my mate pulled out…bloody hell

Will watch Appreny when i get back


You know what, it probably is


my thoughts exactly


Evening Scout. I’m in Manchester with work so went out for Greek meze and baklava. I now have a full belly and am watching last night’s Masterchef to catch up before tonight’s episode. Should really do some work for tomorrow but can’t be arsed.


going to interview Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly tomorrow

will try not to ask, “so…what happened?”

then go see snooker legend Steve Davis play some techno



having christmas dinner our flat

it’s cooking now


Hey scout and all,

I am also very happy about the apprentice interviews.

Landlady didn’t even look round the full flat. But she had no qualms about the cleanliness.

Just a short day at work to go.

Opened my bottle of tiramisu stout. Just tastes like a coffee stout really. Don’t know why I expected anything different.

Watching another episode of The Eira Family.




What are you interviewing him about?