Thursday Evening feat bangers [not sausages]

Okay sausages if you want but you have to BYOS

I’m drinking because it’s my Sunday, long and busy BH weekend ahead (including rehearsals for band recording and a DnD session postponed since APRIL 2020 so hanging on to those thoughts.

Anyway come waste my time and post bangers if you wish

Hi Ruffers, hi everyone. I have had a very long, hot and busy day so tonight I will be not doing much at all. Making some very quickly marinated pork steaks with homemade wedges and green beans for tea.

Here is a banger for you

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I FINALLY finished wallpapering the lounge! :partying_face:

Quiche for dinner then painting some doors.


what a banger, I only know the chorus but its so good to sing along to


All right babes

Swept and dusted my room, as futile an exercise as that is

Gonna go to the shop to get snacks for a long car/boat journey tomorrow and pick up Thai takeaway on the way back :yum:

Was going to say, you don’t really :joy: This has reminded me of this banger though

basically a kraut beat on that


You can just shout ‘FAR AWAY’ at the top of your voice and get away with it.

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Evening all!

I made a chickpea tagine for tea with couscous. I ate too much of it.

This was on the radio when The Child got back from nursery and I made her air guitar round the kitchen to it:

We’re going to watch a film tonight. It’ll either be a Korean one with subtitles about aliens or the Jake Gyllenhall one about the Boston Marathon bombings.


Hello! Another long day dealing with my boss being an utter walloper.

Thought about this band for the first time in a while today. I thiiiiiink @xylo put me on to them maybe?

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this song man, haunts my living dreams

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I’ve wangled it so I only have about two hours work to do tomorrow and then I’m just gonna go home. love when there’s no work to do but they’re forced to give me money. what a blessing.

had this in my head all day today, it’s like a 19th century banger


Is that a drill? Wonderful

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At work for another 35mins. Working is fucking shit eh

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Just been helping a pal out with a funding application. Might walk back home con (with) a biere (beer)

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I should really cook something.

Packing for holiday
I think you should leave

How could I leave, I’m the host of this illustrious thread?